Universal Orlando’s DreamWorks Land celebrates an imaginative, interactive space

Universal Orlando's DreamWorks Land features Po's Kung Fu Training Camp
Universal Orlando's DreamWorks Land features Po's Kung Fu Training Camp / Universal Orlando

As more elements peak over the green walls, excitement builds for this summer’s opening of Universal Orlando’s DreamWorks Land. Intended to be an all-ages space, the new area is full of family friendly activities, rides, and character meet and greets. Everyone is invited to celebrate that playful side.

Even though Epic Universe is poised to be Universal Resorts most impressive expansion to date, the creative team is never sitting still. Throughout the theme parks, new and innovative experiences continue to expand the guest experience.

While the large scale thrill rides might appeal to the older crowd, Universal Orlando appreciates that family-inclusive experiences are vital to its theme park. Whether it is the family who has visited for the first time or the parent who is bringing back their children to experience their favorite attractions, the reality is that Universal Orlando theme wants to grow with families. One day kids might be riding Minions and the next visit they are ready to take on the Velocicoaster.

After expanding the Minion Land area to much fanfare, Universal Orlando’s DreamWorks Land continues that all-age inclusive space. Using favorite characters as the theme for these attractions, it is a modernized version of the area. While some people might long to have a ball battle in the Curious George area, new memories await in the Po’s Kung Fu Training camp.

The DreamWorks Land will feature Kung Fu Panda, Trolls, and Shrek. In addition to the Kung Fu Panda interactive play space, the Trolls Trollercoaster will bring age appropriate thrills. The family friendly roller coaster will delight and the squeals of laughter will be heard all around the space.

The Shrek area will feature a character meet and greet, a little Ogres play space, and cat-centric interactive space inspired by Puss in Boots 2. Anyone who remembers the fun of chatting with Shrek and Donkey will be ecstatic to have this character experience back.

DreamWorks Land at Universal Orlando, Shrek's Swamp
DreamWorks Land at Universal Orlando, Shrek's Swamp / Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando’s DreamWorks Land will feature a bounty of themed food options

Since all the playing and laughter can build quite an appetite, the DreamWorks Land will have a few locations to purchase specialty themed food. While the restaurants might not be as big as the Minion Café, the quick bites and sweet treats make sense in the area. They seem to be designed for an easy on-the-go snack that allows the kids to get right back in the action.

The Swamp Snacks looks to be the location where the Universal Orlando culinary team will put their visual expertise to work. Currently, the revealed menu items include Shrekzel, Far Far A Waffle, and a Frozen Ogre. While the names are cute, it will be the visuals and the flavors that have everyone running to get that first taste. Only time will tell if there is an onion-centric menu item.

The Trolls Treats will feature vibrant hues in its sweeter offerings. In addition to ice cream, this location will feature beverages like Poppy-licious Pink and huckleberry-flavored BroZone Berry. Although everyone will have to wait for the big reveal, a sparkly beverage or one that stands up tall like that Troll hair could be fun. Could a shaved ice drink be on the menu?

Although Universal Orlando is not quite ready to take down the green walls yet, the process is moving swiftly. Summer 2024 is around the corner and it looks like DreamWorks Land is going to be part of the fun.