Universal Orlando needs to keep this location after Mardi Gras rolls away

Universal Orlando Biergarten during Mardi Gras
Universal Orlando Biergarten during Mardi Gras / Cristine Struble

For the past several months, Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras: International Flavors of Carnival 2024 has delighted guests. While the nightly parade had beads flying through the air and the concert series had everyone dancing, the food and beverage offerings were a highlight of the springtime event. As the festival comes to a close, one area deserves to stay open a little longer.

Spaced throughout Universal Studios, the various themed marketplaces offers a taste of globally inspired food and beverages. From Asian inspired salad to classic New Orleans food, many people sipped and savored their way across the globally inspired offerings.

Tucked in front of the lagoon, the German Biergarten always had a line. Whether people wanted that authentic curry wurst or preferred the hearty schnitzel, people happily waited their turn to place their order.

In addition, the space had an amazing beer selection. The German beers has a highly sessionable option as well as celebratory beers and traditional lagers options. For beer drinkers, this spot was a highlight. Even though it might never replace the Duff Beer Garden, it was a space to grab a beer, find a seat by the water, and take a moment to relax.

The combination of the location and the beer selection makes this space a perfect spot for a summer beer garden. Although other special events have used the space, Universal Orlando does not necessarily have summer festival. Even though Halloween Horror Nights 32 is starting August 30, there are several months between now and then where people would happily order a beer here.

Although some guests might not necessarily be vocal about their appreciation of a beer stop on those long, hot summer days, there is a value for people having a place to sit, rest, and enjoy a libation. Keeping this space as a beer garden for the summer would be a great idea, even if it meant giving up the tasty curry wurst just to have a beverage spot.

Is Universal Orlando considering this idea; it is doubtful. But, as food fans have proven through their Change.org petitions, being vocal can make a difference. Even if this idea does not happen for summer 2024, maybe it could be a concept for another time. The space by the lagoon is under utilized. Another beer garden might be a smart idea.

For now, do not miss the Biergarten during the Mardi Gras: International Flavors of Carnival 2024. The good times are rolling for only a few more days at Universal Orlando.