Universal Orlando announces new nighttime show, Cinestational: A Symphonic Spectacular

Universal Orlando Cinestational: A Symphonic Spectacular nighttime show
Universal Orlando Cinestational: A Symphonic Spectacular nighttime show / Universal Orlando

After the lagoon sat quiet for several years, the nighttime sky and the water will ignite in a flurry of excitement as the new Universal Orlando nighttime show debuts. Starting on June 14, Cinesational: A Symphonic Spectacular will be a stunning multi-media presentation that will have guests staying to the theme park’s close.

Nighttime at Universal Orlando is different than other theme parks. While there are times when music fills the night and the fog creeps into the frightening shadows, the other days just have guests filter out before the stars twinkle brightly.

Previously, the Universal Studios Florida lagoon offered a nighttime show. As the fountains ejected water to great heights, visual projections brought the curtain of water to life. Combined with soaring music scores, the iconic characters biked through the air and zoomed at high speeds.

For the height of summer fun, the lagoon event rises again. Cinesational: A Symphonic Spectacular takes over the night sky on June 14. Unlike previous offerings, this new nighttime show combines a variety of effects.

Given the unique Universal Orlando space, the nighttime show brings together 4K projection mapping, more than 600 drones, and a collection of musical scores to make an impressive show that will have guests stunned.

Adding drones to its nighttime show makes Universal Orlando unique. Although many people love the emphatic moment that fireworks offer, the intricacy and complexity that a drone show offers will impress guests. How this element allows new visuals and transitions from themes remains to be seen, but it should be quite impressive.  

More importantly, Universal is leveraging the iconic scores that have made many of its movie properties memorable. Even just a few notes of a Harry Potter or that first ominous chord from Jaws allows all the memories to come flooding back. While food might be the flavor that brings back favorite moments around the table, musical scores fill the memory bank with images that never fade.

While this nighttime show will debut on June 14, it will be curious to see if the event transforms has the Halloween Horror Nights fog seeps into the fall nights. There was a HHN show in years past. Maybe one will return for HHN 33.

The new Cinesational: A Symphonic Spectacular rises from the water and takes over the night on June 14. Additional new summer items, including the opening of Dreamworks Land on June 14, a new nighttime projection show on Hogwarts Castle, and the new Universal Mega Movie Parade will be part of the Summer 2024 programming.

More information on Universal Orlando, including theme park pricing, rides, programming and more can be found on the resort’s website. Universal Orlando will also be opening Epic Universe in 2025.