Skip the dip and upgrade holiday table with these decorated Easter eggs

Decorated Easter eggs ideas
Decorated Easter eggs ideas / American Egg Board

While the kids might appreciate the hunt, decorated Easter eggs can be the wow factor at the holiday table. This season, let those incredible eggs sparkle and shine with a few extra embellishments.

For many people, decorated Easter eggs are a tradition. What might have started as some stickers or an abstract expression of a multitude of colors can become something more. Those few hours spent around the table can filled with laughter, stories, and silliness. Even when the kids get older, sharing those memories brings smiles time and again.

Over the years, decorated Easter eggs have embraced trends. Natural dyes from food have been a favorite. Even though it might not have compelled the kids to eat another serving of beets, it was a creative way to see food in a different light.

This year, decorated Easter eggs are embracing a touch of nostalgia with special messages. For example, Eggfirmations Hand Letter Eggs are a lovely way to share an uplifting word or phrase. Even if the handwriting is not necessarily perfect, it is the thought that counts.

easter eggs
Easter eggs with handwritten messages / American Egg Board

In addition, this idea could be a fun way to make place settings for the holiday table. Even on a simple white egg, a delicately drawn name in the tablescape’s signature color would be a stunning option.

While the hand letter eggs might be a sophisticated take on Easter egg decorating, an embellished egg, like Disco Eggs, could be the most talked about idea for the celebration. This idea might take some patience to carefully line up the mirror tiles, but it can be adapted for the craft-challenged.

For example, adding a few mirror tiles to create a line or a simple pattern adds a little extra pizzazz. In some ways, it is easy since the tiles are simply peel and stick. Even if the tweezers are not used for precision, there is appealing about an abstract design.

Decorated Easter eggs might be a childhood favorite pastime, but it can be more than just a simple diversion and a splash of color. Make a statement with those incredible eggs. And, remember to eat the good protein source after they have been on display.