VELVEETA Queso has everyone grabbing the chips to dip and dip some more

VELVEETA Queso comes in three flavors
VELVEETA Queso comes in three flavors / VELVEETA

While many people use the classic cheesy ingredient in their own recipe, the new VELVEETA Queso offers tasty convenience. Available in three flavors, it might be time to buy three bags of chips to enjoy every last drop of deliciousness.

According to the brand, “125 million pounds of VELVEETA loaf” are purchased every year and transformed into queso. While that recipe is not the only way that people use the iconic cheese product, it is a classic. The only downside is that people have to put in the effort to melt, season, and stir that queso.

With the new VELVEETA Queso, the brand has done all the work. The only heavy lifting is opening that glass jar.

According to Alison Kelly, Director, VELVEETA, “At VELVEETA we are continuing to take big swings to establish ourselves as part of culture, pushing the boundaries not just in marketing but also innovation as we strive to captivate a younger audience.” The convenience of a ready to eat queso is a food that consumers want. It turns a favorite dip into an everyday indulgence.

VELVEETA Queso comes in three flavors / VELVEETA

What are the new VELVEETA Queso flavors?

According to the food brand, the new VELVEETA Queso flavors are Queso Con Salsa, Queso Blanco, and Jalapeno. Looking at the three offerings, they are classic combinations.

Everyone has combined VELVEETA and salsa for a dip. While that recipe is tasty on chips, it is equally delicious as a topping for a taco or even a drizzle on a bland chicken breast.

The Jalapeno is another popular choice. Many people like a little heat in their dip. Most likely this offering will be approachable. No one is thinking that the jalapeno flavor will overpower the tastebuds. Plus, cheese tends to dampen spicy flavors. Overall, it should be a slow burn that entices another scoop full.

Lastly, the Queso Blanco is a curious choice. Given most people think of VELVEETA with its vibrant color, the lighter option brings variety to the table. It might have a slightly tangier flavor, but that taste could be a huge hit. Who needs to head to a restaurant when there is a jar waiting in the pantry.

The new VELVEETA Queso flavors will launch in May. Check with retailers and online for availability and pricing.