Walmart’s July 4th meal deal slashes the food costs across the table

Walmart Summer Cookout Basket Deal
Walmart Summer Cookout Basket Deal / Walmart

The nighttime sky might ignite with a stunning firework display, but Walmart’s July 4th meal deal does not cause the food budget to go up in smoke. With big savings across all the holiday essentials, everyone will be able to feed the crowds without breaking the bank.

Holidays are always associated with food. From family favorite recipes to traditional dishes, the table is overflowing with abundance. While hosts want their guests to leave satisfied, all those extras can impact the weekly shopping budget. Even if there are some leftovers, that one big meal cannot cause the whole food budget to be decimated.

Walmart understands that food costs are shoppers primary concern. While restaurants wage the “value meal wars,” the grocery store aisle is not immune from this conversation. The coupon clipping obsession from the early 2000s is not a viable part of the conversation, but rollback pricing is always top of mind.

According to the National Retail Federation, last year’s holiday food shopping averaged $93.34. This year, Walmart will cut that number by almost 50%.

Walmart is offering huge deals. Specifically, the one-click summer grill basket prices out to be $6 per person, feeding up to 8 people. While hungry teenagers might skew that portion size, the reality is that 18 items under $50 is big food savings. This deal has everyone cheering just like they saw the finale fireworks display.

Looking at the food choices in the Walmart Summer Cookout Basket, the classic holiday fare is represented. From Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners Hot Dogs to Lay’s Classic Potato Chips to even some Freedom Ice Pops, it hits all the favorites. Plus, Pepsi is included, and everyone knows that Pepsi is the beverage for summer grilling.

More information on the Walmart Summer Cookout Basket can be found online. Shoppers can even order it with just a click.