Walmart’s Spicy Summer has a flavorful page turner for food and book lovers

Walmart Spicy Books Hot Sauce Set
Walmart Spicy Books Hot Sauce Set / Walmart

From fiery temperatures to feisty flavors, summer is never bland or boring. Walmart offers a new storyline in the spicy summer tale. This page turner is one that demands to be told.

Trends influence people’s choices across genres. Nothing is ever contained in a tight, limited box. Food influences fashion. Pop culture drives conversation. This summer, BookTok has people devouring spicy tales, and sometimes feeling a little hot under the collar.

This summer Walmart wants to make connections between groups. Book clubs have been part of the conversation for decades. Over time, there have been wine partnerships and other crossovers. This summer, spice is flavoring these reads and it has taken over BookTok.

The limited-edition “Spicy Books” Hot Sauce Set features five Melinda’s hot sauces. Whether people are just dipping their toe into the heat or the person who wants to strip off their shirt like Heidi Klum on Hot Ones, the set has all the options.

Courtney Killingsworth, director of brand marketing, Walmart – who is currently obsessed with the Spicy Summer read, “Just for Summer” by Abby Jimenez said, "Customers are at the center of everything we do at Walmart, and we look to places where they are spending their time to create genuine moments of connections with them. This campaign is the perfect way to reach and celebrate BookTokers and the community they thrive in. We’re giving a wink to BookTok fandom with our Spicy Books Hot Sauce, and then expanding to a larger customer base by bringing some spice to all summer must-haves.”

This concept is a fun way for Walmart to see how crossover moments can draw consumers to make a purchase. Some culinary competitions have leveraged “shop the episode” because people want to get that ingredient, pan, or other item. Favorite television shows have cocktails and other food promotions that bring a taste of that people see on screen. Why shouldn’t a book inspire some food collaborations.

This idea comes after Walmart+ members had special access to shopping deals and special offerings. People could not get enough of those Dolly Parton baking recipes or the special beverages. Again, it is another chapter in the on going story how food is a universal connector.

The Spicy Books Hot Sauce is available for purchase online at The set retails for $14.98.