Raise a glass and say yes chef to these The Bear inspired cocktails

Burnt Grapefruit Paloma
Burnt Grapefruit Paloma / Avion Tequila

While The Beef might be transformed from simple corner restaurant into a refined dining experience, that call of “Yes Chef” is stronger than ever. With these The Bear inspired cocktails, everyone can watch ever knife cut, tweezer garnish, and smashed plate in the upcoming season with a spirited beverage in their hand.

The Bear might be a comedy, or a dramedy, but the Hulu television show is loved beloved by the food world. From the person who understands the restaurant world to the viewer who can see all the Chicago influences in the scenes, the bingeable season keeps people glued to the screen.

Since the show has become a focal point or even an excuse to throw a party, it make sense to consider some food and beverage pairings for the watching moment. Recently, Tequila Avion has suggested three The Bear inspired cocktails to enjoy while watching the upcoming season.

Bloody Mary with a Potato Chip Rim

One of the most iconic food moments is the omelet. While it might have been a nod to a classic chef test, that simple dish showcases how a food is more than just another meal. When care and craft go into that dish, it is and will be memorable.

With this Bloody Mary with a Potato Chip Rim is a nod to that omelet moment. Some Bloody Mary cocktails might have an entire meal balanced on that glass, it really comes down to just the perfect balanced sip.


2 parts Avión 44

4 parts Bloody Mary Mix

½ parts Gardenia Mix Brine


Build in tin. Quick shake. Pour in glass.

Garnish- Bourdain potato chip rimmed glass add on: Gardenia pickles and roast beef skewer, Tomatoes, Banana Peppers

Burnt Grapefruit Paloma

The paloma is a popular cocktail, especially for the summer. Balancing the tart flavor can require a delicate hand. Let’s be honest, marinated radicchio and burnt grapefruit may never make the menu. But, the slight char in this cocktail adds a lovely smoky quality to the fruit forward tequila cocktail.  


2 parts Avión Cristalino

½ parts Lime Juice

2 parts Grilled Grapefruit Agave Syrup

2 parts Club Soda topper


Build in glass. Stir. Add club soda.

Garnish- Grilled grapefruit slice, salt rim

Chicago-Style Margarita

Chicago has many iconic beverages, like the classic Goose Island Beer to the sometimes controversial malort. A margarita does not often come to mind when thinking about the Windy City. For anyone who loves a little extra briny note in that sour cocktail, the secret ingredient in this cocktail is a game changer. Plus, the garnish is the perfect Chicago Dog reference.


2 parts Avión 44

¾ parts Lime Juice

¾ parts Agave Syrup

¼ parts Olive Brine


Shake. Strain.

Garnish- Pickle, Olive, Peperoncini, Cherry Tomato pick- Celery salt and pepper half-rim

Which cocktail has you saying yes, please? Now, it is time to get that Italian Beef ready.