Wanta Fanta returns with melodic summer refreshment

Wanta Fanta revitalized campaign
Wanta Fanta revitalized campaign / Fanta

While the cola wars might debate which flavor pairs better with food or captures the imaginative side of drinking, one beverage brand has cornered the jingle market. When those first notes of Wanta Fanta play, everyone is thirsty for that fruity refreshment.

The Wanta Fanta jingle has been part of pop culture for a long time. Although the idea that two simple words can make people crave orange, grape, and other fruit flavors might sound silly, it is an idea that captures the refreshing, great taste. The moment invites fun, whimsy and a ton of enjoyment.

Although nostalgia is having a moment, the reality is that blending the old and new is imperative. Fanta has continually added new flavors to its line-up, including seasonal offerings. Even though the classic orange flavor always satisfies, it is more than just a single offering.

The same can be said for the new Wanta Fanta campaign. While the classic notes are present, the revitalized approach adds a new energy.

As Ibrahim Khan, Global Vice President of Marketing Fanta at The Coca-Cola Company said, "Wanta Fanta is a shoutout to a generation craving more balance and time out for themselves. Walking through the supermarket, we realized the aisles were exploding with functionality. Most products focused only on the physical demands of a Gen Z lifestyle. So instead, we decided to speak to their spirit. Moments when they want drinks that are just delicious, with no strings attached. When they want to do things just for themselves to feel good. That's what Wanta Fanta is about. Because doing what you want can be as easy as drinking an ice-cold, delicious can of Fanta."

From grocery store shelves to social media, the concept comes to life in different ways. Beyond hitting different demographics, it is a way to find connections versus differences. When food and beverages can bring people together, it is a win for everyone.

As the campaign continues, it will be interesting to see how people embrace the concept. The phrase and the initial beat might be similar, but there is a nuance that has people ready to open a bottle and enjoy that “fizz.” When a brand can keep that fresh effervescence, it is a win for everyone.

How will people "Wanta Fanta?" Be sure to watch all summer long and see where those iconic notes takes everyone?