Waterloo Sparkling Water and Guy Fieri make a splash with new summer beverages

Guy Fieri helps launch new Waterloo Sparkling Water summer beverages
Guy Fieri helps launch new Waterloo Sparkling Water summer beverages / Waterloo

Sunny days and long nights are more enjoyable when paired with summer beverages. Waterloo Sparkling Water and Guy Fieri want to fill the cooler with three bold options. Even if it is 5 o’clock somewhere, these cocktail-inspired beverages bring all the flavor without the buzz.

Although some people might enjoy cocktail hour, others prefer to skip imbibing. Non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails have surged in popularity. As mixologists and beverage brands develop options that bring all the flavor, people are thirsty to sip and sip again.

Waterloo Sparkling Water has always put flavor first. From the brand’s permanent offerings to special seasonal flavors, each one offers a clean, crisp taste. The company’s commitment to its craft is clear.

While beverage drinkers can trust that the new summer beverages would be both refreshing and innovative, Waterloo wanted to make a big splash when it came to the announcement. Since Guy Fieri is known as the Mayor of Flavortown, his endorsement puts the refreshment on another level.

When Fieri stands behind a product people want to get that taste. From food road trips to Triple D locations to enjoying his own food offerings on the shelf, people trust Fieri and his recommendations.

As Kathy Maurella, CMO of Waterloo Sparkling Water said, “no one knows flavor like the Mayor of Flavortown.” Even though Waterloo partnered with celebrity chef Curtis Stone previously, this summer inspired beverage launch is different. It is about shaking up a new take on the non-alcoholic movement as well as offering an invigorating a new approach to the category.

Speaking to the new summer beverages, Maurella explained, “masterful demonstrations of flavor artistry that continue to differentiate us in this category. We look forward to bringing new fans into the brand and exciting our loyalists. It's all the summer fun and flavor, without the alcohol."

What are the new Waterloo Sparkling Water summer beverages?

Available in stores now, the new Waterloo Sparkling Water summer beverages are All Day Rosé, Pi-No Colada and Mojito Mocktail. As the names denote, the connection to cocktails or a particular alcoholic option is clear. Although there may be some similar options on the shelf, Waterloo sets itself apart by bringing clean, crisp flavor to every pour.

The All Day Rosé is the most innovative, different flavor from the sparkling water brand. Although there are non-alcoholic wines, an effervescent option is unique.

More importantly, Waterloo partnered with sommelier Anthony Washington to perfect this flavor. As Washington explained, Waterloo “layered aromas and flavors to deliver a non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé experience that is truly special – and innovative to the category.”

In addition to drinking the All Day Rosé on its own, the beverage lends itself to some mocktail creativity. Even just some fresh fruit, a hint of herbs or a fun garnish would be nice. For a more complex approach, consider a nod to a sangria or use the All Day Rosé in conjunction with a popsicle floater. The options are many.

The other beverages, Pi-No Colada and Mojito Mocktail, are a little more straightforward. While there are various mojito choices, Waterloo should have a captured the refreshing, bright mint qualities without venturing too far into an overwhelming taste.

The Pi-No Colada is quite interesting. While that cocktail is often a frozen beverage, the Waterloo Sparkling Water could be transformed into a refreshing granita or a flavor enhancer to lighten up a fruity beverage. It will be fun to experiment with this option.

The Waterloo Sparking Water summer beverages are available in stores, like Whole Foods, Target and more now. Check with the company’s website for a full list of retailers.