Welch’s Jam is more than just a topping for toast

Welch's Jam can be the sweet, fruity flavor to bring to cookies, cakes, and even a beverage.
Florecitas, pastries filled with strawberry jam,  covered with butter cream and coconut, are
Florecitas, pastries filled with strawberry jam, covered with butter cream and coconut, are / Sarah Kloepping/USA TODAY

Many people have a jar of Welch’s Jam waiting to be opened in their pantry. While that classic strawberry jam might be a staple on toast with that cup of coffee, the simple spread can be transformed into a myriad of ways. Ready to open that jar of possibilities?  

From enjoying it on its own to pairing it with its iconic partner, peanut butter, Welch’s Jam has been a favorite in many households. While those simple uses ensure that the jar is never far from mind, the reality is that many other uses can be part of the conversation.  

Many people love a good shortbread cookie with a jam center. Welch’s Jam can be that dollop of sweetness. Whether it is a simple thumbprint cookie, Linzer style cookie, or even a simple cookie sandwich, the options are many.  

Desserts are often a popular choice for that Welch’s Jam. From a little extra fruity sweetness to contrast some rich chocolate or a layer in that stacked cake, the jam has many applications.  

While the sweet uses might be front of mind, that spoonful of jam can be used in many savory ways. Beyond the little spoonful on the cheese board, consider using the jam in a glaze for a protein. That little touch of sweetness with some spice can be quite enjoyable.  

Turning the jam into a syrup is relatively easy and it can meld with a variety of flavors. Strawberry jam with some herbs or even a spicy jalapeno is quite enjoyable. It can be a secret ingredient that could get people asking for that recipe.  

Lastly, turning that Welch’s jam into a flavor component in a cocktail is a great idea. A little spoonful of jam in the bottom of a cocktail shaker can offer a flavor boost. Even though the cocktail might need to be strained before serving, it offers a nuance to the beverage.  

Basically, it might be a good idea to buy more than one jar of Welch’s Jam during the next shopping trip.  With so many uses, it will be empty in a jiffy.