Wendy’s Breakfast Burrito is a bacon bonanza to start the day

Wendy's Breakfast Burrito
Wendy's Breakfast Burrito / Wendy's

While everyone knows that Wendy’s bacon is the best in the business, the new Wendy’s Breakfast Burrito is a game changer in the quick service restaurant world. It is time to start the day with more bacon wrapped up in a convenient package.  

It is said time and again, Wendy’s is the place where Fast Food Done Right is more than just a phrase. From classic menu items to new food innovations, that concept can be tasted in every bite.  

While the restaurant brand has offered many items under the Made to Crave umbrella, the breakfast segment is one where the brand continues to bring new flavors and concepts to the table. After the success of the Frosty Cream Cold Brew, it is time to bring a bite that can stand up to that flavor.  

The new Wendy’s Breakfast Burrito hits everything that the guest wants. From handheld convenience to a kick of spice, it could become the new breakfast routine for many people. 

Speaking to the new food offering, John Li, Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation at The Wendy's Company said, "With our new Breakfast Burrito, we've carefully balanced taste and convenience to create a portable masterpiece. Our newest breakfast innovation serves up all the best parts of Wendy's breakfast rolled up into one delicious burrito." 

The new Wendy’s Breakfast Burrito features “fresh cracked eggs, six strips of oven baked, applewood smoked bacon, breakfast potatoes, American cheese and cheese sauce.” In addition, the breakfast burrito is served with Cholula Original Hot Sauce, for those people who want to have an additional kick of spice.  

Thinking about this menu offering, it is a smart move for Wendy’s. It leverages what Wendy’s does best, bold, flavorful food. Having six slices of bacon wrapped in that tortilla is more than anyone else does in the market. While it is the same amount of bacon as the Baconator, it ensures that there is bacon in every single bite. It might become Wendy’s top breakfast item.  

While everyone will want to get that first taste, the Wendy’s Breakfast Burrito is available at 4,500 restaurants in select regions across the U.S. Check with local restaurants for availability and pricing.