Wheaties celebrates the legendary Billie Jean King and encourages everyone to dream big

Billie Jean King becomes a Wheaties cereal box athlete
Billie Jean King becomes a Wheaties cereal box athlete / Wheaties

While the classic Wheaties cereal can be the food to fuel the day, the many accomplished athletes who have graced the box inspire people to dream bigger. Billie Jean King joins that prestigious list and it is a celebration of her accomplishments both on and off the court.

Beyond her numerous Wimbledon titles and other tennis accomplishments, Billie Jean King chose to be vocal about women in sport. While her serve and volley game might have made her an intimidating force on the court, her willingness to stand her ground when others try to lob over her efforts to make meaningful change impacted not just sport but also women’s rights. Always wanting to be heard, not just seen, King appreciated that her role as a winning athlete opened the conversation to bigger issues than how to avoid being passed at the net.

Although some people might have thought that Billie Jean King graced a Wheaties box years ago, the recent acknowledgement comes ahead of a summer full of sports conversation. As the world watches the athletic endeavors during the Olympics, King serves as a reminder that achievement is only one aspect of hard work and dedication. Celebrating the equality of opportunity in sport is vital to any celebration.

Speaking to her recognition as a Wheaties box athlete, King said, “I am honored to be on the next Wheaties box to join the legacy of incredible athletes and the work we put in for our sport and our communities. I’ve dedicated my life to equality for all, uplifting those around me and inspiring girls and women, in particular, to dream big. This box feels like a full circle moment as we celebrate the next generation of champions.”

King might hold many “firsts” in tennis, but it is her impact beyond the court that resonates with everyone. From the young girl who never has to wonder whether she can beat a boy in game to the company executive who does not have a ceiling to encumber her path, King helped to make those concepts a reality.

As Mindy Murray, Brand Experience Director, Morning Foods, said, “Billie Jean King has been defining what it means to be a Wheaties Champion for decades, as a true advocate for equality between men and women from the tennis court to the board room and beyond."

By having King join the over 100 year history of Wheaties shows that the cereal brand appreciates the past as much as it does the present. Whichever gold medal winning athlete graces the box next remains to be seen. But, that woman, or man, would not have had the opportunities of today if it was not for the athletes, like King, who laid a foundation for success. Looking back is just as vital as looking forward.

The Billie Jean King Wheaties Box will be available starting in May. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.