WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey ignites the ultimate summer sipper

WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey
WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey / WhistlePig

While the farm might be bustling with summer’s bounty, summer nights are the perfect time to unwind under the blanket of a starry sky. A glass of WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey enjoyed next to the ambiance of a Solo Stove is the perfect way to spend an evening.

WhistlePig always looks to experiment with whiskey distillation. While previous summer offerings harnessed the power of the sun, this year’s special offering chooses a different fire to unleash a unique flavor. In partnership with Solo Stove, it is time to light up the night and toast to memories lasting long after summer fades.

For many people, sitting by the campfire is a summertime classic. From the first taste of burnt marshmallows to the roaring laughter that grows as tall as the flame, embracing that simple moment is rejuvenating.

WhistlePig collaborates with Solo Stove on a new CampStock Wheat Whiskey
WhistlePig collaborates with Solo Stove on a new CampStock Wheat Whiskey / WhistlePig

The next chapter in the WhistlePig story is the WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey. The unique barrel aging and flavor profile brings that toasted, woodsy note without the acrid bitter smoke factor. By using the Solo Stove Bonfire in the process, it has the fire infusion without the unpleasant burnt.

Speaking to the special whiskey, Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig Blender said, “We’ve experimented with Wheat Whiskey as part of our FarmStock series and other limited editions. CampStock takes the soft and smooth wheat profile to a new level with 85% Wheat whiskey, and an innovative Solo Stove Bonfire toasted barrel finish. No cooperage had ever used a Solo Stove on their barrel toasting platform, but Independent Stave Company was up for it, and the result was incredible.”

While the idea captures WhistlePig’s willingness to innovative and embrace some playfulness in its offering, it is the whiskey’s flavors that captivate drinkers. The wheat might be front and center, but the brand’s signature rye is never far away. That combination makes this special offering craveable.

The bready notes are more like the toasted, crust flavor versus a doughy component. Similar to how a freshly made loaf straight from the oven can instantly make a person salivate, that bread-like component is warm, comforting, and satisfying.

In contrast, the citrus note helps to lift those wheat notes. The brightness is subtle, but it is necessary to keep the balance. Similar to a warm summer night, it is the zesty quality that makes the whiskey an easy sipper.

Lastly, the vanilla is the kiss of sweetness on the finish. It is a taste of familiar; it satisfies. That rounded element helps to make CampStock Wheat Whiskey equally enjoyable drunk neat or in a cocktail.

WhistlePig releases CampStock Wheat Whiskey summer
WhistlePig releases CampStock Wheat Whiskey for the summer / WhistlePig

For those cocktail lovers who can envision the S’mores Maple Old Fashioned enjoyed around the Solo Stove, that idea is just one of many options to pour. The marshmallow notes enhance the sweetness. Also, a touch of chocolate bitters or even walnut bitters might add a little more depth to the overall taste.

Before the golden hour fades, consider playing with a citrus notes to capture that vibrancy. A splash of ginger beer or ginger ale with clove infused orange slice would be a simple cocktail to sip all night long.

Or, for drinkers who prefer to enhance the cherry notes in this whiskey, consider playing into the childhood jelly sandwich vibe. A simple garnish of a PB&J paired with some walnut bitters and splash of tart cherry juice can balance some of the sweet notes in the whiskey.

Overall, the WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey is an approachable, yet complex offering from the distillery.

More importantly, the liquor invites drinkers to take a moment, sit around the fire, and enjoy the moment. Life’s simple pleasures should not be rushed.

As Luana Bumachar, Chief Marketing Officer at Solo Stove, who collaborated on this project, said. “This partnership embodies our commitment to bringing people together, infusing the embracing glow of a crackling fire with the bold taste of premium whiskey. It’s our invitation to spark conversations, share experiences, and forge enduring connections.”

From the perennial WhistlePig fan to the person who is sipping the golden liquor for the first time, this bottle is the perfect sipper for summer. Share a story, tell a tale, and make a memory. Those moments will be remembered long after the fire is out and the bottle is empty.

The WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey is available both online and in liquor stores. The suggested retail price is $74.99.

Additionally, a Limited Edition CampStock Whiskey, Solo Stove Mesa XL and Solo Stove Whiskey Barrel Firewood bundle is available at shop.whistlepigwhiskey.com. The bundle includes two etched whiskey glasses and a flame whiskey ice mold for $199.99.