Do you have a winning million dollar Whopper recipe idea?

While Burger King has always allowed guests to have burgers their way, it is time to put that sentiment to the test. One person’s Whopper recipe idea is worth a million dollars and that is the royal treatment everyone wants to have.
Burger King Million Dollar Whopper recipe contest
Burger King Million Dollar Whopper recipe contest / Burger King

Fast food fans are a loyal group. Some people will only enjoy a flamed grilled patty nestled between that bun. At the same time, menu hacks have become a way for people to take that favorite flavor to the next level. Whether it is a new use of a sauce, adding a special topping, or incorporating a new flavor, the tried and true menu item can sometimes benefit from an update. Ready to take that Burger King Whopper recipe to the next level?  

Starting today, everyone can submit their dream recipe to the Million Dollar Whopper Contest. Even though Burger King states that there are “200,000 possible customized combinations,” someone will be able to find a creative version that will cause Whopper fans to flip their buns.  

As Pat O'Toole, Chief Marketing Officer said, “Burger King is all about Having It Your Way, and this contest is a true embodiment of that. More than 50% of Guests customize their Whopper sandwich, and now, the possibilities of what those customizations include are endless. And, whether or not your Whopper ends up in restaurants nationwide, we're giving Guests the opportunity to experience and share their creation using the power of A.I. technology."    

Ready to enter the Million Dollar Whopper Contest?  

Like any food competition, the rules matter. It might not be as constraining as a 30 minute quickfire or a confusing as a Chopped mystery box. Still, there are certain parameters to keep the contest fair.  

To enter that epic Whopper creation, fans must go to or use the BK app. The recipe can have up to eight toppings. The submission must follow the prompts.  

Even though some people might want to go totally off script, the reality is that sardines, passion fruit, or some other totally unexpected ingredient might not be the wisest choice. Remember this winning Whopper would be sold in restaurants. It needs to have some broad appeal.  

When the eventual winner will appear on Burger King menus remains to be seen. But, that $1 Million prize is up for grabs. Just think about how many BK orders could be purchased with that prize. More importantly, hopefully there is a Whopper crown presented to the winning recipe creator so that they can bask in the glory on their winning throne.