Work Week Round-Up: July 18


Here at Foodsided we are working hard to bring you the best food related news.  Part of that effort is our new “Work Week Round-Up” column.  Plan on getting this weeks best blog posts from around the web.  We are doing the hard work so you don’t have to.

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1. Is There A Real Difference In Organic Foods?

The organic verses conventional grown produce debate rages on.  While there are good points and evidence on both sides of the controversy, NPR, The Huffington Post and The Guardian all report there are clear nutritional differences in organic produce, making it the better choice… for now anyway.

2. What The Deal With Different Shaped Pasta’s?

This primer from explains exactly why there are so many pasta shapes, which ones to use when, and why.  It is simple, clear, and enlightening.  If you’ve ever wondered if you can substitute spaghetti for linguine, or, heaven forbid, ziti, your questions have finally been answered.

3.  There is a Growing Trend to Make Our Food Local.

We have all heard about urban farms and reclaiming land for agricultural purposes.  Now a new trend has emerged.  Development Supported Agriculture.  This new movement seeks to place farms in the middle of new housing developments, making eating fresh produce easier than ever.

Live Feed

Hershey's Chocolate World has the perfect winter drink to sip on
Hershey's Chocolate World has the perfect winter drink to sip on /

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  • 4.  Paleo Tortilla Chips?  Yes Please!

    If you have “gone paleo” you know how hard it is to find something good and crunchy to munch on, especially late at night.  What do you pair with your salsa or pico de gallo if corn chips are not an option?  Sure, kale chips exist, but they don’t really muster up to any other chip ever.  What is one to do?  Look no further.  This paleo chip recipe will blow your mind, and your taste buds away!

    5. Is This the Future of Shopping?

    Many of us know that the middle of the supermarket is not the “healthiest” place to shop.  But how can we get our pasta, rice, and cereal if we avoid it?  As of right now, we can’t.  Besides health reasons, the middle of the supermarket can be bothersome in other ways.  What if we don’t need a whole container of oatmeal or want one and a half pounds of rice noodles?  Today we just need to buy more of the pre-packaged stuff than we need, and hope it doesn’t go stale before we use it again.  Is there a better way?  These German innovators think there is.  Watch their video posted by Upworthy and tell us what you think?  Is old the “new” new?

    What other stories do you think should have been in this weeks Work Week Round-Up?