Work Week Round-Up: July 25


Every Friday we try to bring you the best food stories from the past week, plus a few great recipes to get you through the weekend.  This week is no different.  Welcome to the Work Week Round-Up for July 25!

1. Do You Like Ramen?

That’s a trick question.  Who doesn’t like ramen?  From cheap dorm food to trendy upscale restaurants, ramen is everywhere.  When done well, it’s a culinary adventure, and when done poorly, it’s still edible after a late night at the bar.  But have you ever stopped to think about how it is made?  This article will make you wish you asked sooner.

2. How Do You Cook Cake?

Here at Foodsided, we are always looking for culinary short cuts.  Saving a minute or two with each meal preparation adds up.  No one likes slaving away in the kitchen when a simple trick can get us out early.  Maybe humans have gone too far, though.  This cake in a can is the worst thing to happen to cans since cheese in a can.  Maybe, possibly, worse.

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3. How Big Of A Foodie Are You?

Being a “foodie” is the “Hammer Pants” of this decade, albeit with way more taste.  If you claim the badge, you are in, if you are still in straight jeans, your most likely to get picked last at gym class.  Being a foodie today has its perks, like mad respect.  But how much of a foodie are you, actually?  Find out if you are a real food connoisseur, a great home cook, or a total poser with this quick quiz.

4. Going Vegetarian Has Never Been Easier

This week in our Transformational Tuesdays post, I talked about how going vegetarian once a week helped me and my wife lose weight, feel better, and encouraged us to make better lifestyle choices.  Going Veg can be hard if you don’t know where to start.  These vegetarian burgers will water your mouth, explode your taste buds, and shrink your waist.

5.  Andrew Zimmern For The Win

Every week we look for outstanding recipes by celebrity chefs.  Andrew Zimmern hit it out of the park with these salads.  The host of “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” posted 12 amazing recipes.  Dont worry, there are no insects, algae, or “undesirable” animal parts.

What else do you think should have made the list?