Finding The Joy In Food


Mandatory Credit: Peter Alfred Hess: The Schlossberg Biergarten

Being a Military Spouse, means that there are a lot of scarifies that need to be made and not all of them always make sense.  The military is set in their ways and there is no logic to it sometimes.  There are times when I have looked at my wife and just starred in disbelief because the logic behind the decisions being made.

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But with those scarifices also comes doors to new opportunities as well as experiences that not everyone is able to experience or be a part of.  One of the great opportunities that the military provides a family is the ability to travel.  With travel comes the opportunity to meet new people, learn new customs, and of course, try new foods that you may never get to try or even hear of if you stayed at home.

Two of these things I will touch on as they go hand in hand for me; food and people.

For me, the Joy of Food is not only making it and making it taste great, because lets be honest, you can make food and it just not be edible.  There is a science behind cooking and baking.  There are chemical reactions that take place and some foods work well with each other and others are just combinations that should never be considered. The second part of the Joy of Food is sharing it with the people that you love; your friends and family.

If you make food and you love to cook but don’t have anyone to share it with then there is a void and it needs to be filled.  Being part of the military allows me to cover both of those aspects.  I have met many interesting people traveling with my wife and 3 kids and the military.  Everyone in the military knows the hardships that the other person or family is going through because they have probably gone through it themselves.

Food and the military bring us together.  Having nightly BBQs, and hanging out with the neighbors on Sundays for football. Cooking for each other and inviting the neighbors over for dinner, just because, that is what it is all about.  Sharing good food with your family, military family, and friends. The best part about all of this is that it doesn’t have to be good food either, it helps, but it is more than just the food, it is the experience that comes with the food and the people that you meet, share it with and the memories that come from them.