Top 100 Wineries: Cadence Winery


We continue on our stretch to bring you the top 100 wineries and a little about each one.  We have taken a short break but, will get back into it here for you.

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We will take a look at the Cadence Winery.  It is a smaller winery that is set up in the Red Mountains of Washington State and has been inspired and models it wines after the Bordeaux region of France.

Cadence offers 5 wines from their Vineyards, each wine comes from a different vineyard.  Each one of their wines is a blended wine with at least 2 wines.  We will take a look at the blended juices that go into each wine and a short description of each.

Bel Canto 2011 is the first wine we will look at.

The Bel Canto 2011 is a combination of 3 different grapes. It has 84% cabernet franc, 8%  merlot and 8% petit verdot.

"The nose fairly explodes with ripe red fruit, spice, herbs and a delicious savory quality that is unmistakably Cabernet Franc. Lively fruit dances around the palate, lifted by acidity and bolstered by a remarkable silky texture. As with the other 2011s, the tannins are suave, present, big and classic.–B. Smith"

Camerata 2011 is the second wine that Cadence has to offer.  It is a 79% cabernet sauvignon and 7% each cabernet franc, merlot and petit verdot.

"Wholly darker than it’s Cabernet-centric cousin Tapteil, Camerata is deep, brooding, and intensely perfumed. Black cherries, plums and raspberries lurk along with minerals and spice. The most enjoyable part of the palate is the rich, glycerin mouth feel playing off of perfect acidity. Tannins are long, fine and very present even with the caressing mid-palate texture.— B. Smith"

The third wine of five that Cadence offers is the Tapteil 2011 wine.  This wine is a mixture of 59% cabernet sauvignon, 23% cabernet franc and 18% merlot.

"Ethereal taut aromas of red fruit, spice, Tapteil dust and rose petal. The palate bursts with intensity, waves of red and black fruit carried by minerality, pitch perfect acidity and the finest tannic structure this vineyard has ever produced. The 1999 Tapteil is drinking perfectly right now and the 2011 is finer in every regard. A Tapteil for the ages.— B. Smith"

The fourth wine that Cadence has to offer is the Ciel du Cheval which is a combination of 35% cabernet franc, 29% cabernet sauvignon, 18% petit verdot and 18% merlot.

"The nose leads with red and blue berries and something between basil and mint. As with all the 2011s the intensity in the perfume is remarkable, and flavors echo the nose. Energy is undeniable and gorgeous – great acidity, fine grained tannins, waves of flavor on a long finish. Again, this is the finest Ciel since the 1999 vintage and a wine to enjoy for 20 years.— B. Smith"

The fifth and final wine that the Cadence winery offers is a Coda.  This wine has a blend of 33%  cabernet franc, 29% cabernet sauvignon, 29%merlot, 9% petit verdot.

"Floral, savory notes of spice and red fruit followed by warm earth, nutty oak and plum in the complex bouquet.  Cherries, plums and spice on the palate broaden to soft-as-silk tannins that linger on the finish. A complete package that punches far above its weight class.– B. Smith"