Top 100 Wineries: Chapter 24 Vineyard


The next stop on our journey through the Top 100 wineries is the Chapter 24 vineyard.

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The Chapter 24 Vineyard does not have many wines, but the three that they do are aged very well.

The three that they have are the “The Last Chapter” Pinot Noir, the Fire + Flood Pinot Noir “The Flood”, and the Fire + Flood Pinot Noir “The Flood”.

Each one of these wines has a score of a 93 or higher.  The Last Chapter Pinot is the highest rating with a 96 from Wine and Spirits.  The Flood is the next with a 94 and the The Fire comes in with a 93.

Here are the reviews from Wine and Spirits Magazine, June 2014 on the three wines from Chapter 24’s website

The Last Chapter

"“The Last Chapter” is the tête de cuvée from Chapter 24, a project between Mark Tarlov and Louis Michel Liger-Belair, with Mikey Etzel making the wine. From multiple vineyard sources representing both volcanic and sedimentary soils, this wine’s initial scents of ripe black cherry and plum hint at the palate’s potential richness. And yet the wine isn’t so much rich as mouthfilling. A saturating and delicious presence that mimics richness, this bursts with exuberant fruit on the finish, then quietly recedes. This wine feels in every sense complete — calm and placid, with a succulence gently occupying every corner of the mouth."

The Flood

"This wine is a blend of four vineyards, all from the sedimentary (“Flood”) soils series found in the Willamette Valley. A vibrant purple, there’s a dark cherry thrust to the aroma, adorned by a touch of nori. The flavors are more demonstrative — dark and blue, rippling, pure, saturating, they reach the edge of your mouth the way color reaches the edge of the glass. In its texture the wine is at its most seductive, the purity of fruit held in place by a skidding, gravelly grip. Delicious now, it will deepen further with cellar time."

The Fire

"Suave and mineral, this wine is blended from vineyard sources representing the volcanic “Fire” soils of the Willamette Valley. It’s more red-fruited than its counterparts, with scents of cherries, cedar, sassafras and forest floor. A tannic component to the texture girds the wine while serving as a springboard, keeping it high-toned and elegant. A long-ager, it will reward the patient."