Fun ways to eat your way through the solar eclipse


While you shouldn’t look directly at the solar eclipse, the once in a lifetime experience is a great excuse to have a celebration. Luckily many companies are offering fun ways to eat your way through the solar eclipse.

Even if you don’t have the special eclipse glasses, the August 21 solar eclipse is a great reason to have a celebration or party. Some companies are having big eclipse celebrations, but there are many fun ways to eat your way through the solar eclipse. Here are few fun and easy way to enjoy a solar eclipse inspired bite.

Hostess® Golden CupCakes:, photo from BusinessWire

Hostess® Golden CupCakes

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Hostess has declared that that its Golden CupCake is “official snack cake” of the solar eclipse. The idea is that this sweet snack cake resembles the eclipse. The chocolate frosting covers the yellow, golden cake. Luckily you can look and eat this sweet eclipse inspired treat. Hostess Golden CupCakes are available at various retailers.

Denny’s Mooncakes

Don’t call them pancakes! For August 21, the fluffy Denny’s pancakes are mooncakes. Luckily the fluffy buttermilk pancakes look like the moon so Denny’s didn’t have to create something out of the ordinary. All day long on August 21, Denny’s will offer all you can eat mooncakes for $4. Either fill up before the big event or chow down after it. For just $4, mooncakes are a great deal.


Some areas are in the path of totality. Shoney’s, whose headquarters is in Nashville, is celebrating the solar eclipse with a free eclipse survival kit. With the purchase of an entrée, buffet or sandwich, guest will receive a free eclipse survival kit. This kit has a pair of solar eclipse glasses and a chocolate double decker MoonPie. Guests can also purchase the kit for $3.

Kripsy Kreme Solar Eclipse Doughnut, photo from Businesswire

Krispy Kreme Eclipse Doughnuts

Like the once in a lifetime experience, Krispy Kreme is changing its iconic doughnuts for a limited time. When the red hot light is lit, guests can get a limited chocolate glaze doughnut. The classic glazed doughnut will go dark for the eclipse with a chocolate glaze. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Celebrate at home

Even if you don’t visit any of these locations, there are plenty of other eclipse related food and drink to have at home. Sun Chips and Oreos are great options for an at home party. Maybe even making some mooncakes (aka pancakes) at home would be a fun treat.

For adults, many eclipse theme cocktails are available. One example is a reverse screwdriver. For the wine drinker, try 7 Moons Red blend by 7 Moons Wine Co. A quick search can find all types of options.

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No matter if you’re in the direct path of totality or your area gets rained out, find a fun way to eat your way through the solar eclipse. Calories don’t count during a rare celestial occurrence.