5 Uncommon Thanksgiving foods you’ll love


Fresh cut pineapple slices at the Thanksgiving table? Surprising, but also surprisingly delicious!

The Thanksgiving dinner basics are mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn bread, stuffing, and of course, turkey. Other plates include creamy corn, a pie (preferably pumpkin pie), among others. Think comfort food. After all, Thanksgiving is all about a warm meal, low music, and neutral colors all different shades of brown and orange.

Traditions are fun and all, but if we’re being honest, they can quickly become boring if nothing ever changes. Repetition is no fun. How can you spice things up this Thanksgiving? We’ve got a few ideas!

Whether you are looking to break tradition or impress your guests or host with a unique dish, we have five uncommon Thanksgiving foods everyone will love…

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It’s not common to eat fish, oysters, or ceviche during this time of year. The flavors of the sea are craved during warmer seasons. So unless you’re in a hot state where it feels like summer year round, you probably don’t crave seafood. But this may exactly be why everyone will enjoy it. It’s been a while since anyone has seen a shrimp cocktail, our taste buds may enjoy the change from dry corn bread and pie.

Fruit Salad

Just like seafood, we tend to not eat much fruit when the holidays roll around. This is also why more people fall ill this time of year — not enough Vitamin C! We eat pumpkin spice lattes and forget all about oranges and apples. A fresh fruit salad may be what everyone needs.


Serving tamales, often in place of turkey, is actually not too uncommon in some states — mainly the south. Tamales are craved this season, why not indulge this Thanksgiving.

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We’re not talking about Meat Lover’s Pizza or even a pepperoni pizza. Just a plain warm cheese pizza will do the trick. Sometimes you just crave certain tastes and you can’t go wrong with pizza; it also can’t get more simple than this! Want to switch things up and try something new? How about creating your own pizza with turkey, ham, and other Thanksgiving flavors? You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Ice cream

Everyone is probably wearing their favorite fall sweaters or are curled up on the couch with some hot cocoa. Cold treats are just about forgotten every Thanksgiving. Be daring and bring it back! No matter the weather, who will dare refuse ice cream?

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Will you be trying any of the above foods? What Thanksgiving meal have you seen at your dinner that you were surprised to enjoy?