OREO Hot Cocoa & Candy Cane Chill DQ Blizzards are the flavors of season


Move over pumpkin spice, DQ Blizzards are ready for winter. OREO Hot Cocoa and Candy Cane Chill DQ Blizzards are ready to bring the holidays to your taste buds.

If you aren’t a pumpkin spice fan, November is a welcome turn of the calendar. The pumpkin spice flavors are replaced by holiday favorites. Peppermint and chocolate are popular holiday flavors. DQ Blizzards welcomes the holiday season with OREO Hot Cocoa and Candy Cane Chill DQ Blizzards.

DQ Blizzards, OREO Hot Cocoa & Candy Cane Chill Blizzards, photo provided by Pierson Grant PR

Growing up, candy canes signaled that Christmas was right around the corner. Whether our family put candy canes on the Christmas tree or we got some at a holiday party, the candy cane was part of the holiday season. The only bad part to a candy cane was when it broke.

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The Candy Cane Chill DQ Blizzard brings that classic peppermint flavor to a frozen treat. The little bites of crunch peppermint candy mixed into the soft serve is a delightful combination. Now, the only sad part is when your red spoon comes up empty.

The other holiday memory that can bring me back to childhood is hot cocoa. After a playing out in the cold, a warm cup of hot cocoa would always be waiting. Now, as an adult, I prefer to see snow not play in it. But, I still crave hot cocoa at the holidays.

DQ Blizzards, OREO Hot Cocoa & Candy Cane Chill Blizzards, photo provided by Pierson Grant PR

The DQ Blizzard OREO Hot Cocoa combines a classic combination of milk and cookies in a single bite. The OREO pieces are combined with cocoa fudge. The two ingredients are blending into the classic soft serve. Topped with whipped topping, no one will be missing a hot cocoa treat.

Adding these holiday flavors to the DQ Blizzard menu is smart idea for DQ. During the holiday season, people are looking to be comforted by familiar flavors. These classic holiday flavors are what people crave. Whether enjoying a mini Blizzard or sharing a large Blizzard with a friend, the frozen treat can bring back favorite holiday memories.

We may not want to hear Christmas music yet, but bring on the holiday flavors. Time to enjoy DQ Blizzards in holiday favorite flavors. I’ve got my spoon. Are you ready to dig in?