What’s the most popular Thanksgiving pie?


The Thanksgiving dessert table is often overflowing with sweet treats. Only one pie has topped the most popular Thanksgiving pie list for three years in the row.

The traditional Thanksgiving feast is one occasion where everyone indulges on a few extra bites. From a heaping scoop of mashed potatoes to a second helping of turkey, Thanksgiving is the ultimate food holiday. Dessert, specifically Thanksgiving pie, is part of that food indulgence. But, is there one Thanksgiving pie that must be on the dessert table?

Traditionally, Thanksgiving features a couple favorite pies. Pecan, pumpkin and apple are often found on the Thanksgiving dinner table. These favorite pies are filled with favorite fall flavors. Whether made from scratch or bought from a favorite bakery, Thanksgiving isn’t complete without one of these pies.

America’s favorite Thanksgiving pies, by-the-numbers (PRNewsfoto/Delta Dental Plans Association)

According to a survey, one Thanksgiving pie has been the most popular pie three years in a row. Pumpkin pie is the top choice with 36% of respondents craving this pie for Thanksgiving dessert. From East to West and old to young, pumpkin pie makes the Thanksgiving feast complete.

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With so many other pumpkin spice flavored treats, people still aren’t tired of the pumpkin flavors. From coffees to cereal, pumpkin spice has been everywhere. Still, those warm, comforting spices are part of the holiday tradition. The traditional pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving caps off the season’s celebration.

While pumpkin pie is the favorite, pecan pie is the second favorite pie. The pecan pie can be a little divisive. Some people don’t like, or can’t eat, pecans. Other people find pecan pies too sweet. Still, many people enjoy this pie for Thanksgiving dessert.

The only pies that people don’t want for Thanksgiving dessert are berry pies. Strawberry, blueberry and cherry pies are on the bottom of the list. These least popular pies are better enjoyed during the summer months when the fresh fruit is in season. By the time Thanksgiving comes, people have already enjoyed these warmer weather flavored pies.

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With just a few days till the Thanksgiving feast, what Thanksgiving pie will you be serving? Is it the most popular pie or something else?