Drinkable dessert cocktails, no fork needed for a sweet ending


As the holiday season begins, people are willing to indulge in a sweet treat. Dessert cocktails are a sweet treat with no fork required.

After devouring turkey, side dishes and the rest of the holiday feast, the idea of eating a dessert course can be daunting. Even with a pair of stretchy pants, your stomach may be too full to eat another fork full of food. But, a holiday celebration isn’t complete without a sweet ending. Drinkable dessert cocktails are a perfect alternative to a plated dessert.

Dessert cocktails vary greatly. From a simple digestif to a craft cocktail, the home mixologist has many options. Having one or two liqueurs in the house are wonderful for after dinner cocktails. Some good choices are Amarula, Baileys and even a bourbon, like Maker’s Mark. These spirits lend themselves to libations that satisfy that sweet craving.

Dessert liqueur cocktail

Amarula is a delightful cream liqueur for the holiday season. Made from the marula fruit from South Africa, the liqueur is known by its connection to the African elephants. Elephants love the marula fruit and seek it out. After trying Amarula, your holiday guests will seek out this cream liqueur for their dessert cocktails.

One Amarula cocktail that is perfect for a post-holiday feast is the White n’ Stormy. This cocktail includes ginger, which is beneficial for digestion. The sweet and spicy notes will leave guests satisfied without feeling over-indulged.

Drinkable dessert cocktails, photo provided EVINS Communications

"White n’ Stormy, recipe provided by EVINS Communications1 ½ parts Amarula Cream LiqueurSlice of fresh grated gingerDollop of honey½ part Bourbon1 ¼ part Half and half (half cream & half milk)Shake and fine strain all ingredients over fresh ice in a short glass. Garnish with piece of sliced ginger dipped in honey."

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Dessert coffee cocktails

After dinner coffee is a popular choice after an elaborate meal. Whether it is the caffeine boost to make it through another tedious conversation or just a bolder flavor to offset the rich food, coffee and after dinner drinks are a common combination. But, just a plain coffee with a liqueur isn’t festive enough for the holidays. A bolder, more vivacious dessert cocktail is a better option.

Dessert cocktails, photo provided by PeetCom Inc.

If the home mixologist doesn’t want to brew a whole pot of coffee to make a cocktail or two, Hot Shot, coffee in a can, is an easy option for these dessert coffee cocktails. Simply open the hot canned coffee and pour. No waiting or clean up necessary.

Cheers to caffeinated liquid dessert!

Aye, my coffee by Cristine Struble

1 can Hot Shot coffee
1 Oz American Harvest Vodka
1/2 Oz horchata liqueur
Whipped cream
Salted caramel topping for drizzle
Combine Hot Shot Coffee, American Harvest Vodka and Horchata liqueur in a coffee mug. Top with whipped cream and salted caramel topping.

Hot Chocolate

On a crisp winter evening, adults, not just kids, love a hot chocolate. While the kids may crave marshmallows in their hot chocolate, adults may prefer a stronger added ingredient. Many spirits and liqueurs can make the regular hot chocolate as something spectacular.

Caramel Apple…Shh, dessert cocktail, photo provided by PeetCom, Inc.

The easiest way to enjoy hot chocolate is with a Hot Shot hot chocolate. Just pop open a can from the Hot Box and your cocktail is almost ready. Build on the hot chocolate flavor your favorite holiday flavors. From pumpkin spice to peppermint, there are many options. Here’s a great choice.

"Carmel Apple…Shhh, provided by PeetCom, Inc.1 HotShot Hot Chocolate1 oz Sinfire Apple Cinnamon WhiskeyGarnish with whipped cream, caramel sauce and an apple slice"

Holiday desserts don’t always have to be served with a fork. Sip your dessert this holiday season with these dessert cocktails. Cheers to a festive holiday!.