Cinnamon, spice and holiday cocktails: Cheers to the holiday cocktail season


During the holidays, cocktails are flowing. Incorporating holiday flavors, like cranberries, cinnamon and spice makes holiday cocktails more festive.

When the holiday season begins, the cooler temperatures have people craving warm, comforting flavors. While pumpkin spice may have come and gone, holiday cocktails often use favorite seasonal flavors. From the tart cranberry to cinnamon, these flavors are synonymous with the winter holidays.

Whether you are throwing a holiday gathering or mixing a libation after a long day of shopping, holiday cocktails are easy to create. With a few key ingredients, a smooth, comforting sip is just moments away.

From bourbon to rum, these robust cocktails can go from cocktail hour to a restful evening by the fire. Time to raise your glass and celebrate the season.

Apple Claus, Holiday cocktails, photo provided by the Baddish Group

Apple and cinnamon

Warm apple cider is a holiday favorite. Adding spicy cinnamon to the sweet apple cider adds a warmth and depth of flavor. While the kids might enjoy a warm cider with their apple cider donut, the adults might prefer a bolder beverage.

This apple and cinnamon cocktail has warm spicy notes with a brightness from the lemon and bitters. Plus, the sparkling wine floater adds a festive note to the cocktail. Who can resist bubbles during the holiday season?

Maybe instead of leaving a glass of milk for Santa this year, he might enjoy the holiday cocktail The Apple Claus.

"The Apple ClausRecipe courtesy of Laura Moore at The Epicurean Hotel Edge rooftop barIngredients• 1 1/2 oz Four Roses Bourbon Small Batch• 3/4 oz Apple Cinnamon Tea syrup• 1/2 oz Lemon Juice• Dash of angostura bittersShake and strain into a chilled coupe and top with sparkling wine (prosecco, champagne or Apple Cider.)Garnish with an orange twist or apple slice."

Cornucopia,Holiday cocktails, photo provided by the Baddish Group


The word cornucopia means an abundant supply of good things. During the holidays, the table is filled with abundance. From heaping plates of food to bottomless beverages, the holidays and indulgences go hand in hand.

For this holiday cocktail, titled Cornucopia, the cocktail blends sweet and savory notes. The fresh thyme adds an earthy flavor to the tart pomegranate syrup. The various flavor notes blend into an abundant, flavorful beverage that is filled with holiday cheer.

"CornucopiaINGREDIENTS•1.25 oz Ardbeg 10-Year•.5 oz Appleton Reserve Jamaican Rum •.5 oz Ruby Port•.5 oz pomegranate syrup•.25 oz Creme de Violette•.25 oz lemon juice•2 blackberries•small handful of fresh thyme•dried pomegranateDIRECTIONSMuddle blackberries and thyme in mixing pitcher. Combine and stir the rest of the ingredients. Strain into rocks glass on one iceberg-shaped cube.Garnish with dried pomegranate and thyme."

Holiday cocktails, Cranberry Moscow Mule, photo provided by the Baddish Group


The tart fruit harvested from the bog is popular during the holiday season. The cranberry isn’t just for that jellied side dish. Cranberries can transform a classic cocktail into a festive holiday libation.

This holiday cocktail twist uses cranberries in a classic Moscow Mule. The tart from the cranberry adds a little brightness to the spicy ginger beer. Plus, the classic copper Moscow Mule mug is a perfect accessory for the holidays.
Cheers to the holiday fruit!

"Cranberry Moscow MuleINGREDIENTS•1 part Nemiroff Original Vodka •1 part cranberry juice cocktail•2 parts ginger beer•1 tablespoon lime juice•Orange wedges, fresh cranberries and rosemary sprigs for garnish (optional)INSTRUCTIONS•Pour vodka, cranberry juice cocktail, beer and lime juice in a copper mug filled with ice. Gently stir to combine•Garnish with lime wedges, fresh cranberries and a sprig of fresh rosemary"

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Holiday cocktails complement the holiday festivities. From warm apples and cinnamon to sweet and tart cranberries, there is a cocktail for each and every occasion.

Gather with friends and family over the holiday season for a moment of cheer. Raise some holiday cocktails to the memories past, present and future.