Top Chef Season 15 episode 2 live stream: Watch online


Classic quickfires and colorful Colorado are featured in Top Chef Season 15 episode 2. Will a team challenge cause a competition meltdown?

As this season of Top Chef gets started, the cheftestants are still finding their way. Top Chef Season 15 episode 2 has two challenges that should set up some conflict for the rest of the season. Will one chef emerge as a threat or will one chef succumb to the pressure?

According to Bravo, this episode features the following:

"In one of Top Chef’s signature Quickfires, the chefs battle against each other in a fierce Mise En Place relay. Then, acclaimed local Chef Alex Seidel invites the group to his farm to learn about his take on farm-to-table cuisine. There, they are tasked with creating a progressive meal incorporating a mystery ingredient from the farm into each dish. In this first team challenge, the sparks fly as the chefs get to know each other."

The Mise En Place relay is always a favorite Quickfire. What should be a relatively easy challenge, always turns into a huge spectacle. Maybe some of these chefs don’t do their own prep work anymore. Remember how Bruce needed help to finish his prep during the main challenge. Do you think that he could be the speed demon in the Mise En Place relay?

The second challenge almost sounds like an episode of Iron Chef. Granted, cooking competitions always have to use a secret ingredient challenge at some point. Still, this scenario doesn’t seem like an original or unique challenge.

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Also, the idea of farm-to-table cuisine could create some controversy. In the first Top Chef Season 15 episode, the chefs laughed about farm-to-table label. All food starts at a farm (or should start at a farm). Wonder what statements will be made in this episode?

Ready to watch Top Chef Season 15 episode 2? Here’s how to watch.

Date: Thursday, December 14
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “Smile and say mise”
TV Channel: Bravo
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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Can you predict who could win the title Top Chef yet? Maybe this episode will have a few clues.