5 Last minute gifts for the inexperienced cook on your list


Is there an inexperience cook on your holiday shopping list and you’re not sure what gifts to get them? We’re here to help!

Whether your have a friend or relative who wishes to learn how to cook or doesn’t know where to begin, we rounded up five great gift ideas that are perfect for any budget. Best of all, you’ll get something out of these gifts too — you may receive a yummy meal out of it, on top of being known as the best gift-giver.

Last minute gifts for the inexperienced cook, photo by Cristine Struble

Here are 5 last minute gift ideas for the inexperience cook…

A Slow Cooker

Perfect for: The friend who doesn’t know how to cook, but wishes to learn. A slow cooker is also great for those who are too busy.
Budget: Low to high. You can find a crock pot starting as low as $20.
Bonus: Gift them a timer to go along with the slow cooker.

You can’t really go wrong with a slow cooker! There are many recipes online that only require only a few steps to put together before transferring everything into a slow cooker, setting a timer, and done!

An Apron

Perfect for: That special someone who you know will make a mess no matter what.
Budget: Low to high. Apron’s are not expensive at all, but it’s the season of giving! Go the extra mile and find them a real special one. There are sites where you can customize and apron, or if they’re a huge fan of a TV or movie, find them one with that theme. Example: A zombie apron for The Walking Dead fans. 
Bonus: Accompany the apron with oven mitts!

Help them keep their clothes clean with a fun apron. Wearing an apron also gives you that chef feeling, which will help inspire them.

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Perfect for: Those who really wish to learn, but need to follow instructions. 
Budget: Low to medium
Bonus: Facilitate their first cooking experience with a cookbook stand.

We all need cookbooks, experts or not! But the beginners really do need something to guide them. Start them off with a simple and fun cookbook. I suggest one that is for desserts or appetizers.

Cooking Classes

Perfect for: The helpless friend who really, really needs help. 
Budget: Medium to high.
Bonus: Go with them, you’ll learn something, too!

Please note, this gift is not for someone who does NOT wish to learn how to cook. Cooking isn’t for everyone. A booked cooking lesson can come off as insulting (and useless, therefore a waste of your money) to those who don’t care to cook or believe they can cook and now know you hate their cooking (ouch).

Food Subscription

Perfect for: The busy bees who want to learn how to cook a nice-looking and delicious meal. 
Budget: Medium to high. Tip — You can score a cheap box if it’s your first time ordering from a service or have a coupon code. 
Bonus: If it’s still in your budget, buy them a small set of new dishes (or pans) to serve their first order.

There are dozens of food subscription services. Give them a good look over to select the perfect one. Preferably, offer to cook up the meal with them.

Happy cooking!