Holiday Baking Championship finale: 12 Days of Christmas victory


Three bakers entered the kitchen but only one would be victorious in the Holiday Baking Championship finale. Who had happy holiday baking experience?

In the Holiday Baking Championship finale, the three remaining bakers all had a great chance to win the title. But, the last two baking challenges wouldn’t be easy. From last minute holiday desserts to the 12 Days of Christmas, the bakers needed to be creative while executing the perfect dessert. Who had the holiday spirit?

The theme of the pre-heat was last minute holiday food gifts. Who hasn’t gifted a last minute holiday food gift? The three remaining bakers had to create a dessert out of last minute holiday gifts. Many people might have a tin of peppermint bark or holiday popcorn in their hour. Luckily, these bakers have some tasty twist on these last minute holiday gifts.

Holiday Baking Championship finale, Josh’s pre-heat, photo from Food Network

Josh makes a stunning, composed dessert. His dessert balanced the peppermint bark into the chocolate. Although the chocolate was a little dominant, the dessert was delicious. Overall, Josh had a very impressive start to the Holiday Baking Championship finale.

Holiday Baking Championship finale, Jennifer’s pre-heat, photo from Food Network

Jennifer had a more rustic approach to her dessert. Her chocolate pinot noir sandwich cookie highlighted the classic chocolate and wine pairing. The dessert excelled with both varied textures and the chocolate/wine flavors. The only criticism was that the dessert needed more nuts.

Stephany probably had hardest flavors to combine. Popcorn is usually a baker’s downfall, but Stephany used this ingredient creatively. The dessert of popcorn, peanut butter and jelly looked like little ornaments. The flavors were impressive and the textures were quite accomplished.

Holiday Baking Championship finale, Stephany’s pre-heat, photo from Food Network

For this first time this entire Holiday Baking Championship season 4, Stephany won the pre-heat. She received an advantage for the main heat. Would that advantage propel her to victory? Keep reading this Holiday Baking Championship recap.

The main heat theme was “12 Days of Christmas.” Everyone knows the song. Some of the numbers could be easier than others. Who would want Lords a Leaping?

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Stephany’s advantage was the ability to pick a secret door to reveal the theme. She could pass and assign the theme to another baker. But, she could only choose three times. This advantage had a little luck to it.

The three themes were Josh had 12 drummers drumming, Jennifer had 6 geese a laying and Stephany had 8 maids a milking. The bakers had five hours to bake a dessert inspired by a single line of the song. Only one dessert hit the perfect note with the Holiday Baking Championship judges.

Of course, the Holiday Baking Championship finale would have another twist. The bakers had to create petit fours to accompany their main dessert. The twist could be the deciding factor for the Holiday Baking Championship title.

Holiday Baking Championship finale, Josh’s main-heat, photo from Food Network

Josh’s finale dessert was most impressive. His decoration was visually stunning. A three tiered cake looked like a drummer drumming. Even more impressive was the subtle nod to the song by including a twelve layer cake.

His flavors were smart, too. The chocolate hazelnut cake was quite good. Still, some judges felt that the cake needed more hazelnut flavors.

Unfortunately, the petit fours were a throwaway submission. Josh’s petit fours were just small pieces of his cake. This decision wasn’t smart. Attention to details, like the twist, could prove costly for Josh.

Holiday Baking Championship finale, photo from Food Network

Jennifer’s cake was an impressive nod to 6 geese a laying. Her delicate, tiered cake was whimsical yet detailed. The geese decorations definitely stole the show. Her cake flavors featured eggnog. But, the eggnog wasn’t as strong as it could be. Still, her exquisite buttercream stole the show.

For her petit four, Jennifer was smart. The little chocolate cakes were pretty and tasty. The delicate red bow were a cute decoration.

Lastly, Stephany had a difficult theme, 8 maids a milking. Who wants a cow and maids on a cake? Even with her advantage, Stephany didn’t get a theme that she wanted. It can be hard to find the holiday theme in this song line. The judges didn’t feel that her cake’s decoration was holiday enough.

Holiday Baking Championship finale, Stephany’s main-heat, photo from Food Network

Stephany excelled in baking execution. Her cake had amazing texture. While the judges wanted more buttercream, the cake was a home run.

Also, Stephany did the best job on the petit four twist. Her hazelnut financier was hands down a winner. But, this delicious single bite couldn’t propel her to victory. Even with her advantage, Stephany did not win the title Holiday Baking Championship.

The winner of Holiday Baking Championship season 4 was Jennifer. The Wisconsin baker had the best overall submission. Her final cake was visually stunning with all the details. Her flavors were spot on and her petit four was good. Based on all the tasks, Jennifer proved that she deserved to win.

If Josh had submitted a better petit four, he could have won. Since he didn’t even try with the twist, there was no way that the judges could have given him the title. Josh’s cake would look amazing in a food magazine or in a store window. But, it’s not just one item that brings the Holiday Baking Championship title.

Unfortunately, Stephany’s decorations let her down. Stephany was the winner on taste and creativity. Maybe if she had more time, her decorations could have been a little better. Still, her cake sounded delicious to eat.

Who knows what will happen to this season’s Holiday Baking Championship winner? Last year’s winner, Jason Smith is a very popular Food Network Star. Surely, Jennifer, and maybe the other finalists, will appear on some Food Network shows. We will have to wait and see.

Another season of Holiday Baking Championship ends. Did you correctly predict the winner of the Holiday Baking Championship finale?