Valentine’s Day candy: Conversation hearts or heart-shaped boxes


Valentine’s Day candy is a traditional, favorite gift. But, which candy is more popular on the day of love, conversation hearts or heart-shaped boxes?

As February 14, Valentine’s Day, creeps closer, everyone wants to give their special someone the perfect sweet treat. Valentine’s Day candy is always a popular gift choice. But, what is the most popular candy to give on Valentine’s Day, conversation hearts or heart shaped boxes? The answer might surprise you.

Growing up, many girls dreamed of the red, heart shaped boxed candy to be given to her by a boy. The iconic Valentine’s Day symbol seemed like the ultimate gift. The chocolates held in that romantic heart was an added bonus to big visual statement of love.

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According to the, “more than 40 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day.” That number is huge. While gift is an easy one, there is something traditional, iconic about the heart-shaped boxed candy. Many candy brands offer that type of packaging. The heart-shaped boxes come in various sizes. Plus, chocolate and Valentine’s Day are a classic, romantic pairing.

Often those heart-shaped boxes offer a variety of chocolate flavors. From the decadent truffles to the classic caramels, everyone has their preferred flavor. Luckily, many candy companies have taken to label the boxes with the chocolate flavors. No one wants to randomly choose a chocolate to find out she picked the dreaded nougat.

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Even though the heart-shaped box of chocolate has romantic connotations, the classic conversation hearts have made a big comeback. Do you remember getting a special conversation heart from a special someone at school? Did the “someone special” conversation heart really mean that he liked you?

Those conversation hearts were more for words versus the taste. It’s basically a little sugar bomb. Still, when that special someone give you a heart with the words love u, who can’t help but smile?

Recently, the conversation hearts have had a few modern updates. The phrases become more common, like the way kids currently speak. Did that change in phrases cause a surge in popularity?

In the past year, conversation hearts have become more popular than heart-shaped candy boxes. According to, the conversation hearts have continually increased in popularity over the years. There isn’t a clear reason why the popularity increased. Maybe people are looking for a little nostalgia in their Valentine’s Day candy.

Whether you give your valentine conversation hearts or heart-shaped boxes for Valentine’s Day, the gift of candy will be appreciated. Just make sure that you don’t give flowers. Candy is always a preferred choice.