Berries: Succulent fruits that satisfy your romantic side


Setting a romantic tone doesn’t have to be elaborate. Berries, in their many forms, satisfy the romantic side.

When romance is needed, berries seem to come to the plate, bowl and glass. While sometimes considered a summer fruit, berries come in all sizes, flavors and textures. Each and every bite is satisfying and juicy. Whether served in a sweet treat or a flavor profile in a savory dish, berries are always satisfying.

While berries have a romantic side, romance isn’t the only reason to serve them. Many studies have found that various berry fruits are heart healthy. That berry-infused drink or dish helps your loved one feel good.

Also, these fruits are super foods. Packed with antioxidants, those berries can help the effects of aging. Who wouldn’t want to look and feel younger with their romantic partner.

Twisted Tea new berry flavors, photo by Cristine Struble

With all these terrific reasons to eat any type of berry, here are some ways to enjoy them.

Why not start an event with a berry-infused drink. Twisted Teas just launched two new berry-influenced flavors. The flavors are Twisted Tea Blackberry and Twisted Tea Huckleberry. Either Twisted Tea is perfect as an afternoon sipper or dinner pairing.

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The Twisted Tea Blackberry, available nationwide, is a lovely blend of tart yet refreshing. Without any carbonation, the Twisted Tea is easy to drink without being too filing. The tea itself has a robust tea flavor than can stand up to chicken, beef or even a heart shaped pizza.

The other new Twisted Tea flavor, Huckleberry, showcases a lesser known berry. Huckleberries are a cousin to the blueberry. With a sweet, yet tart flavor, this flavor packs a huge flavor punch. Perfect for a quiet, relaxing afternoon or a mid-day cheese break, the Twisted Tea Huckleberry is a creative twist to the beverage line. This flavor is only available in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

If a cocktail infused some strawberries is your preference, this cocktail is perfect to spark romance. Sugar Love cocktail highlights strawberries in a big way. The muddled strawberries with a spicy coconut rum can wash away any of life’s worries. Even if you don’t imbibe, this drink could be a lovely way to celebrate the strawberry.

Sugar Love, photo provided by EVINS Communications

"Sugar LoveIngredients:• 1 ½ parts Sugar Island Coconut Rum• 1-2 strawberries• ½ parts fresh lime juice• 1-2 parts sweetener (agave or simple syrup)Directions:Muddle sweetener and strawberries together; add lime, rum and ice. Shake and strain into a tall glass with ice. Top with a splash of ginger ale (diet optional) or ginger beer. Garnish with half a strawberry on the rim of the glass."

But, berries aren’t just for drinks. Of course, a berry dessert is an easy option. From cheesecakes to trifles to tarts, desserts are a lovely way to use these succulent fruits. To add some depth to the sweetness, strawberries with a little balsamic reduction can balance the sweetness. It can make the whole dish extremely satisfying.

Blueberries work extremely well in savory dishes. While it can seem unusually, the blueberries can be a lovely pairing in a sauce. Shows like Top Chef and Chopped have shown that blueberries can be a wonderful addition to a complex savory dish. The sweetness from a blueberry can balance a heavy game meat, pork or round out a salmon dish. If you like the blueberry flavor, work it into a variety of dishes.

HI-CHEW Strawberry candy, photo provided by Sharp Communications

Still, elaborate choices don’t have to be the only way to enjoy a berry. HI-CHEW has a delicious strawberry and Cherry-Berry mix. HI-CHEW offers real fruit flavor with a chewy texture. With vibrant packaging and huge berry flavors, this candy is the perfect way to tell something that you choose him. Plus, the berry flavors could lead to a romantic connection.

Whether you’re wanting to add a romantic note to a special event or just enjoy these succulent fruits, berries are a staple in everyone’s diets. Who’s ready to go eat some?