Bourbon, bluegrass and Kentucky home: Top Chef’s new season announced


As Top Chef Colorado ends, Top Chef’s new season will be in Kentucky. What can fans expect from the bourbon trail?

Top Chef has been to many culinary destinations. From Miami to Seattle, the culinary competition show has crossed the U.S. Top Chef’s new season was just announced. Season 16 will head to Kentucky. How will the Bourbon Trail influence the chefs?

According to the announcement on the Bravo website, Kristen Branscum, Commissioner of Kentucky Department of Tourism, “Our robust agricultural offerings and unique approach to food in every region of the state, combined with Kentucky’s natural outdoor beauty will surprise and delight the Top Chef viewers.”

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

While the Top Chef contestants come from across the U.S., many of the challenges will certainly highlight Kentucky. Bourbon will surely be featured throughout the season. A nod to the Kentucky Derby is probably a good bet. Hopefully, viewers will be introduced to Hot Browns, too.

The most obvious two foods that come to mind would be barbecue and fried chicken. Barbecue can be a hard one for Top Chef. Good barbecue takes time. Low and slow doesn’t always make for good television. Fried chicken can be a game changer. Everyone has a special, secret recipe. Only delicious fried chicken recipes have stood the test of time.

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In previous seasons, Kentucky chefs have done well on Top Chef. Edward Lee is a highly acclaimed chef that has a Louisville restaurant. His cuisine highlights Korean cuisine while including local, Southern ingredients. Even during his Top Chef season, he highlighted the Kentucky influences that impact his culinary point of view.

While the exact premiere date of Top Chef’s new season wasn’t announced, chef casting calls around the nation are underway. Many recognized, acclaimed chefs do want to be on this culinary competition. The name recognition can help propel a chef’s career.

In today’s culinary world, chefs need name recognition to advance their careers. A new restaurant with a recognizable chef can expect guests based solely on that television competition. Whether guests come back for the food is another matter.

What will Top Chef’s new season bring? Fans will have to wait and see. Until then, catch up on Top Chef Colorado.