Forget the Oscars, Carl’s Jr. Thickie Awards were the most coveted award


Sometimes watching all the celebrities looking fabulous at the Oscars was is just too much. The most coveted award given out this weekend was the Carl’s Jr. Thickie Awards.

Have you ever noticed that when you discover a new food, something delicious or just a bite you love that share it with everyone. Food photos on Instagram and other social media programs fill your feed. Many of those pictures make us drool in envy. While the entertainment community was awarding the Oscars, Carl’s Jr. wanted food fans to be awarded too. This weekend Carl’s Jr. hosted The Thickie Awards.

Carl’s Jr. Thickie Awards, photo provided by Carl’s Jr.

Sometimes you wonder if anyone cares about your food photos. Sure, friends and followers click that heart button on your posts, but do they really think you’re the best? What if you got a trophy for that amazing food photo? That idea was the premise behind this weekend’s Thickie Awards by Carl’s Jr.

To celebrate its legions of fans, Carl’s Jr. created the Thickie Awards to celebrate all their loyalists. While the Oscars were going on, Carl’s Jr. handed out their own awards on social media. With categories like Best Food Review, Best Food Selfie and Best Fan, these awards were for everyone. No academy membership or expensive campaign was needed. Just a little creativity in the tweet to the fast food brand.

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The name, the Thickie Awards, was a nod to the brand’s iconic Thickburgers. Fans of the Thickburgers know that these burgers are the specialty of the chain. When you order a burger from this brand, the patty is thick. Skinny, little burgers don’t make the cut.

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Searching #ThickieAwards on Twitter showed some very creative submissions. From inspiring videos to funny memes, many Carl’s Jr. fans expressed their love for the brand. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. Overly staged food photos weren’t the point. This award show was about fans having fun with food.

While this was a fun social media award, the concept was a smart promotion for the restaurant. It showcased the fans’ connection to the brand. Whether the fans showed their love for the iconic Thickburgers or highlighted the brand’s new sliders, the promotion reinforced the fans’ connection to the restaurant in an entertaining way.

Congratulations to all the Carl’s Jr. Thickie Award winners. We applaud your creativity and we wish you hadn’t made us so hungry last night.