5 new kitchen tools that home cooks need to buy now


Whether cooking is relaxing or just a daily chore, the right kitchen tools can make the experience better. These 5 new kitchen tools are ones you need to buy now.

Home cooks are always looking for better ways to improve their cooking skill. Kitchen gadgets and kitchen tools can help anyone feel more confident in the kitchen. During the annual International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS), these 5 new kitchen tools are ones that any home cook needs now.

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These five kitchen tools offer functionality at an affordable price. The simple kitchen gadgets fill a need that home cooks often have. From kitchen prep to storage, these kitchen tools will get used often. Time to make room in the kitchen drawer for these must have new kitchen tools.

5 new kitchen tools that you need to buy now, photo by Cristine Struble

Tovolo Seal N’ Store

No one likes to throw away spoiled food. Sometimes storage bags and contains aren’t the best solution for certain fruits and vegetables. Tovolo’s Seal N’ Store is a food storage game changer. The reusable Seal N’ Store keeps fruits and vegetables fresh with an airtight seal.

Simply put the cut side down on the tray, secure with the silicone web and snap into place. No more worrying about brown avocados, dry onions and withered citrus.

The Tovolo Seal N’ Store retails between $5 and $16 depending on size and quantity.

Fusionbrands EggXactPeel, photo provided by Fusionbrands

Fusionbrands EggXactPeel

Peeling hard boiled eggs can be a tiresome task and cracking eggs can be messy. From little pieces of shell to peeling away the egg white, the process can be a mess. With the new Fusionbrands EggXactPeel, this kitchen tool makes quick work of egg peeling.

Using C.P.R. for egg peeling, the kitchen tools helps to crack, peel and remove (C.P.R.) the egg shell. The two ends of this kitchen tool helps to easily crack and then simply remove the egg shell. Plus, the tool is kid friendly so that no one is concerned about sharp edges.

A 2018 GIA finalist for product design excellence, this kitchen tool is simple yet extremely effective. It is available now and retails for just $5.99.

Microplane Avocado Tool, photo provided by Microplane

Microplane Avocado Tool

Avocados are everywhere, but prepping this popular fruit can be tiresome. Microplane found another way to add functionality to the kitchen. The Avocado Tool is designed to cut, pit and slice avocados effortlessly. The steel blade has a curve which makes quick work of slicing through the skin and removing the flesh. Plus, the prongs on the end can pluck the seed without ruining your knife.

The Microplane Avocado Tool will be able in April. It will retail for $13.95.

Fusionbrands CitrusSqueeze, photo provided by Fusionbrands

Fusionbrands CitrusSqueeze

Adding a little citrus to a dish can be the brightness that is a huge flavor punch. Sometimes a citrus squeezer is large and difficult to maneuver. The new Fusionbrands CitrusSqueeze is simple and easy for anyone to use.

Using a ¼ piece of citrus (lemon, limes, oranges, etc.), the CitrusSqueeze can get all that flavorful juice with just a one-handed squeeze. Simply place the citrus piece in between the handle and teeth and then squeeze. Design avoids any errant squirts or seeds going into a dish.

The Fusionbrands CitrusSqueeze retails for $7.99 and is available at various retailers.

Kyocera ceramic scissors, photo provided by Kyocera

Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors are an essential kitchen tool. Recently, Kyocera redesigned its ceramic kitchen scissors. Now with a longer blade, the Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Scissors offer long-lasting sharpness and accuracy in the kitchen. The ceramic blade never rusts and doesn’t transfer metals to foods. From cutting herbs to produce to proteins, these kitchen scissors will become one of your favorite kitchen tools.

Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Scissors retail for $34.95.

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These five new kitchen tools will keep your kitchen efficient and your cooking enjoyment high. What’s your must have kitchen tool? Share your thoughts in the comment section.