KitchenAid launches inaugural Color of the Year at IHHS


Forget the white, bland kitchen. KitchenAid launches inaugural Color of the Year plan at this year’s IHHS. Are you ready to add some color to your kitchen?

Kitchen trends change continuously. From the clean, sleek all white designs to rustic, charming décor, kitchens reflect both the home owner’s design aesthetic and the current trends. KitchenAid just announced that it reveal a Color of the Year. This colorful plan will roll out in select countertop appliances. Will it have you see a rainbow colored kitchen?

KitchenAid launches inaugural Color of the Year at IHHS, photo provided by KitchenAid

The first KitchenAid Color of the Year is Bird of Paradise. The strikingly bold color is described as an “energy-charged vibrant coral color with a high-gloss finish and powerful glow.” The brand further describes the color as the embodiment of “the lush, tropical paradise, an escape from the everyday, and boasts a spirit of exploration inviting the passionate maker to take on any culinary adventure.”

This bold color choice is a departure from previous KitchenAid color releases at IHHS. The matte granite, milk and coppers were featured in recent launches. The bright and bold Bird of Paradise shows that the brand is committed to making a statement in the kitchen.

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Browsing through KitchenAid’s color catalogue shows that the brand has a wide hue of color options. From the muted tones that evoke a previous era to the sleek, modern metallics, KitchenAid has a color for every home, kitchen and personality.

The question becomes whether cooks will continually replace their KitchenAid countertop appliances with year new color release. Investing in a KitchenAid stand mixer is a big commitment. Still, the investment is well worth it. The durability and functionality can’t be beat.

Often home cooks pick a color that either they love or a classic color. Since the stand mixer will last years, if not decades, will consumers want to switch out their stand mixer just for a new color? That scenario remains to be seen.

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Still, the Color of the Year will be available in other KitchenAid appliances, which have a lesser price point. Adding a colorful hand mixer or food processor in the new colors could be a possibility.

Other housewares companies launch a color of the year. One very popular brand with a color of the year is Fiestaware. Every year, the stonewear company launches a new color to its wide palate. Often, Fiestaware fans will add a few pieces of the new color to their existing collection.

Fiestaware is designed to add, mix and match colors. While a home cook might start with a set of earth tone neutral plates, she can add eggplant mugs, coral appetizer plates or cobalt serveware. Also, given the price point, this brand and line is designed to grow with the home cook over time.

Will the KitchenAid Color of the Year be a successful idea? Most likely, the answer is yes. Some people were skeptical about the KitchenAid mini, but that idea was a huge success.

KitchenAid is a power in the housewares space and that status isn’t going to change anytime soon. Will you be adding a splash of bold color to your kitchen?