Don’t Dilly Dilly on the back nine: Bud Light fans dismissed at the Masters


Let’s all say it together – Dilly Dilly. Just don’t make the infamous Bud Light proclamation at the Maters unless you want to be booted to the Pit of Misery.

If you haven’t heard, the Master has tried to infuriate Bud Light fans. According to reports, fans at the Masters have been put on notice not to shout out the infamous Bud Light “Dilly Dilly.” It is one of the banned catch phrases at the Masters. Regardless of the rule, Bud Light’s response proves that the Dilly Dilly campaign is here to stay.

(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images for Bud Light)

According to Bud Light’s Twitter account, the beer company don’t want fans to feel bad not being able to shout their favorite catch phrase. The proclamation, shown below, will be brand will be sending Dilly Dilly t-shirts to the Masters.

While it is understandable that the Masters may not want fans shouting out phrases that could interfere with play, this particular ban has only strengthened the beer company’s marketing campaign. Now, everyone will see the Dilly Dilly shirts in Masters coverage. It’s a genius marketing move for the beer company.

The brand’s response was swift and smart. Just like last year’s response to Modist Brewing Company’s limited edition beer borrowing the catch phrase, this proclamation continued the campaign in a creative, yet effective, way.

The whole Dilly Dilly campaign has brought the Bud Light brand made the brand more relevant. While many beer drinkers have looked to craft and nano breweries for more full-bodied, robust beers, the light lager had seen a drop in sales. This campaign has made an impact on pop culture and returned the easy drinking beer to the spotlight.

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While some beer drinkers will prefer the elevated flavors of craft beer, this light beer and its campaign has found a connection with sports fans. From tailgating to watching at home, the brand and this campaign has found a way to connect with sports fans.

So, this weekend the Masters might be without a verbal Dilly Dilly, but the phrase will be well represented. Well done Bud Light and King John. We raise our beer to you.