Dilly Dilly! Bud Light nobly responds to Modist Brewing


Who hasn’t raised an enthusiastic Dilly Dilly this football season? Bud Light’s noble response to a Modist brewing has them avoiding a trip to the Pit of Misery.

Bud Light has created another iconic commercial concept that is a huge hit with fans. The rousing phrase, Dilly Dilly, is part of everyone’s vernacular this football season. Even Ben Roethlisberger has uttered the phrase on the field. The popularity of the phrase can’t be denied, but using that phrase without permission is a violation of the kingdom’s laws. A Modist Brewing, Minneapolis brewer, learned this important lesson.

Minneapolis brewer, Modist Brewing, paid homage to the Bud Light phrase by creating a beer, “Dilly Dilly Double IPA.” Unfortunately, The Crown (aka Bud Light) wasn’t too pleased with that another brewer decided to take on the iconic phrase. But, in true Bud Light fashion, the company’s response was brilliant.

Sending a Town Crier to Modist Brewing, Bud Light crafted a decree from The Crown as their response to the Minnesota brewery. In part, the decree said “We at Bud Light appreciate all of our friends in this vast Kingdom of Beers, however, we had to send our official town crier to Modist and ask that this be the first — and unfortunately, last — batch of Dilly Dilly.”

Dilly Dilly! Bud Light nobly responds to Minneapolis brewer, photo provided by Weber Shandwick

Looking at the official decree, the response was extremely clever. It put Bud Light in a great light and it helped to publicize Modist Brewing. More importantly it continued the new Bud Light marketing theme in a lighthearted way. Of course, Bud Light doesn’t want another brewery using its catch phrase. A formal letter could have gone array, but this clever response can endear the phrase to its fans and keep the theme in a positive light.

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Looking at the entire response, it appears that Bud Light is even hoping to flatter the Super Bowl host city of Minneapolis. By inviting two Modist Brewing employees to the game was another smart decision. No brewer could get mad with some extra publicity and free Super Bowl tickets.

Based on that response, it seems likely that Bud Light will continue the Dilly Dilly, The Crown and potentially the Pit of Misery into its Super Bowl ads. Thanksgiving games premiered the latest installment of the Bud Light commercials. Anyone else wondering who will make an appearance in the Pit of Misery? Maybe there’s a Pit of Misery for former football players who had horrendous Super Bowl experiences.

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Luckily, no brewer was sent to the Pit of Misery for this lapse in judgment. The Crown has resolved the Dilly Dilly dispute in a judicious manner. Now, let’s all raise a bottle of Bud Light in honor of friends that you can always count on.