Allez cuisine: Iron Chef America returns with original format


The iconic culinary competition is returning to its original roots. Iron Chef America will once again determine whose cuisine reigns cuisine.

The Food Network just announced that the fan favorite, Iron Chef America, is returning. More importantly, the show is returning to its original format. Fans are eagerly awaiting the May 16 premiere.

Alton Brown on Food Network’s Iron Chef America (PRNewsfoto/Food Network)

According to the Food Network press release, the favorite culinary competition will have a ten-episode season that focuses on the original secret ingredient format. While Iron Chef Showdown was entertaining, that particular format seemed a little forced. The two different challenges in the Showdown version made each episode a little disjointed. Fan couldn’t get invested in the challenger, the Iron Chef or the secret ingredients.

Going back to the classic Iron Chef America format is a good one. For those people unfamiliar, each episode features a challenger chef battling against an Iron Chef. In an hour, the chefs must make five dishes based on a secret ingredient. The chef with the best progressive meal, based on taste, presentation and creativity, will be the winner.

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The best part about Iron Chef is the secret ingredients in the challenges. One of the missing elements from Iron Chef Showdown was the unusual or difficult secret ingredient. Hopefully, this season of Iron Chef America will push the envelope with secret ingredients.

For the first episode of the new season, Chef Brittany Anderson will take on Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. While there is no hint on the secret ingredient, both chefs have very different style. Who knows if the secret ingredient could give one chef an edge?

It is great to see two female chefs battling in Kitchen Stadium. Watching these two esteemed chefs battle it out can be inspiring for both the home cook and the aspiring chef. Given the current climate of women chefs in the culinary industry, it is wonderful to see female chefs represented on this Food Network show.

While fans will have to wait for the return of the original, Iron Chef Gauntlet is currently airing on the Food Network. If there is a winner in the gauntlet, will that chef be featuring on the new Iron Chef season? Everyone will have to wait and see.