One easy way to decrease cooking time in the kitchen


Sometimes putting food on the table is the biggest priority in a busy household. This one easy kitchen hack will dramatically decrease cooking time.

Everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to put dinner on the table quickly. While slow cookers can be convenient, those kitchen appliances aren’t always the right kitchen tool for the job. Finding an easy, convenient way to decrease cooking time is the ultimate cooking hack.

Even if you want to decrease cooking time, home cooks want delicious tasting meals. Poorly cooked meals aren’t worth the convenience of any kitchen hack. The right pan can and will change your cooking experience. But do you know which pan can help your home cooking?

At this year’s International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS) in Chicago, I was introduced to Turbo Pot. In the aisles and aisles of pots and pans, the Turbo Pot stood out because it looked different from the myriad of cookware. One big reason is its unique look.

Anyone who has cooked on a gas stove can understand the issue of heat spots, uneven cooking and other cooking issues. Sometimes a heat diffuser can help with those heat issues. The Turbo Pot has a heat diffuser built into the cookware. This ingenious design is also quite aesthetically pleasing.

Turbo Pot, photo by Cristine Struble

The bottom of all the Turbo Pot pans have this fin design it looks like grates on the bottom of a pan. The design allows the heat to be absorbed more efficiently. What that really means to the home cook is that food cooks more quickly, which means cooking time is decreased. Who doesn’t want to get dinner on the table faster?

Need proof? Check out the Turbo Pot video. The old phrase a watch pot never boils hasn’t met a Turbo Pot.

In a house of competitive swimmers, we eat a lot of pasta. Being able to boil water more quickly is a huge time saver. No busy mom wants to hear hungry kids whine that dinner is ready yet.

While decreased cooking time is a great kitchen hack, the faster cooking method has some other important benefits. Overcooked, mushy vegetables aren’t just poor tasting, they aren’t as healthy for you. Quickly cooking vegetables can retain the vegetables nutrients better.

A quick experiment is a case in point. Try cooking some plain green beans in a regular stock pot and in a Turbo Pot. Of course, the green beans are done more quickly, but the taste can be the converter. The Turbo Pot green beans are bright, with a slight crunch. The green beans don’t need to be masked in a bunch of seasonings. More importantly, the kids preferred the quickly cooked green beans.

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Since Turbo Pot uses a heat diffuser, this cookware is best used on gas stoves. While it can work on electric, the quickness benefit isn’t as pronounced.

Are you ready to decrease cooking time in the kitchen? Join the Turbo Pot revolution. Energy efficient cooking never tasted so good.