Double cheesy crust pan pizza: Epic cheesy pizza for Pizza Hut’s 60th birthday


Pizza Hut is both a favorite pizza and a part of food pop culture. For Pizza Hut’s 60th birthday, the double cheesy crust pan pizza is a must try.

What’s your favorite pizza? Pan pizza, thin crust or even personal pizzas are some of the many offerings at the pop culture pizza favorite, Pizza Hut. With the iconic pizza brand celebrating its 60th birthday, fans are ready to try the newest offering, double cheesy crust pan pizza.

Pizza Hut has a long, storied food history. Over its 60 years, the pop culture icon has accomplished many firsts. From the first pizza delivered to the White House to the “World Record for highest pizza delivery to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro” Pizza Hut has secured its place in pizza and food history.

While food trends come and go, Pizza Hut has is part of pop culture. According to Zipporah Allen, CMO, Pizza Hut. “Whether it’s making an appearance on the silver screen, during national sports moments or changing the way we order food, Pizza Hut has proven time and time again that No One Out Pizzas the Hut.”

Just look at Pizza Hut’s partnership with the NFL and its presence at the NFL Draft. The idea of have a Pi Pick and NFL team collaborations brings the classic pizza to the American fabric. Who hasn’t enjoyed a slice of piece while watching football?

Double cheesy crust pan pizza: Epic cheesy pizza for Pizza Hut’s 60th birthday, photo provided by Pizza Hut

The new limited time menu item, the double cheesy crust pan pizza is a combination of flavors and textures that fans love. This limited time pizza combines stuffed crust and original pan pizza into an indulgent, decadent cheesy excess. For this pizza, a ring of cheese is baked into the crust. The pizza is finished with more Parmesan on the crust and another layer of cheese on top too, Cheese lovers will definitely be satisfied with this pizza.

With its longevity, Pizza Hut incorporates some food trends while still appealing to the masses. Instead of crazy toppings or vegetable crusts, the brand focuses on what people truly want, a good piece of pizza. This limited edition offering appeals to the cheese lover. It is a decadent, gooey cheese dream. It might not push the taste evolution but it is quite satisfying.

People go back time and again to Pizza Hut because it is familiar. Sometimes people want that taste from childhood. It is satisfying and comforting. While occasionally people want to expand their palate, the familiar will always have a place in food memories and on our plates.

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Happy 60th Birthday Pizza Hut. I’m happy to raise a slice of double cheesy crust pan pizza in your honor because no one out pizzas the Hut.