Mac N’ Cheese bagel: Is Einstein Bros Bagels changing breakfast food forever?


What is a breakfast food? Einstein Bros Bagels introduced the mac n’ cheese bagel and breakfast will be changed forever.

Growing up, breakfast food was generally cereal or if you were lucky, a doughnut. Today, breakfast is all types of mash-up food combinations. Einstein Bros Bagels is changing breakfast yet again. The new mac n’ cheese bagel has turned a comfort food staple into the new trend in breakfast food.

Mac N’ Cheese bagel:, Einstein Bros Bagels (PRNewsfoto/Einstein Noah Restaurant Group,)

Throughout the summer, Einstein Bros Bagels will be offering the Mac N’ Cheese bagel. Featuring Annie’s Hometown macaroni and cheese, this bagel is designed to be the ultimate comforting carb decadence. Smothered in macaroni and cheese, the bagel has that classic comfort food flavor but in a more portable form.

Since the bagel has a cheesy flavor, it can lend itself to some fun food mash-ups and sandwich combinations. While the bagel company has created two of its own creations, the Cheesy Mac Breakfast, featuring bacon, eggs and cheddar, and the Cheesy Mac Lunch, featuring ham, Swiss, these two sandwich options aren’t the only possibilities.

Although not offered in stores, you could bring one of these bagels home and add sliced sausage or a hotdog for another sandwich creation. Another thought would be to add some pulled pork or brisket for a barbecue style sandwich. The possibilities are many.

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This new bagel is part of the restaurant’s Flavors Across America campaign. The brand is focuses on classic American regional flavors. From the cheesy, richness of the Midwest to the spicy green chile of the south and the fried chicken of the south, the bagel company is bringing iconic flavors to everyone.

It will be interesting to see if these bagels only perform well in each region. Could restaurant guests actually want flavors from other regions? While people are more adventurous in their foods, the classic bagel has been hard to replace. There is still something comforting and familiar about a plain bagel with cream cheese.

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The new Flavors Across America bagels, including the mac n’ cheese bagel, is available now at participating Einstein Bros Bagel locations. Would you be up for trying this food mash-up?