The best summer pizzas are at Boston’s Pizza


This week, Boston’s Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar added three tasty thin pizzas and the most refreshing drink you’ll have this summer!

New seasons are always exciting. They bring a change of pace, scenery, and, best of all, new food! Each season, many restaurants, such as Boston’s Pizza, add different food items to their menu. This offers guests refreshing new options to satisfy their taste buds.

Earlier last week, Boston’s Pizza invited FoodSided over to try their three summer beauties — Skinny Carnivore, Potato Bianca, and the Pizza Bella. As for the newest star at the bar? High West Double Rye! Blackberry Mule. We’ll introduce these with all the details, below…

Boston’s Pizza photo credit Sandy Casanova

The Pizzas

"Skinny Carnivore: Genoa Salami and aged prosciutto on top of Tabasco Sriracha sauce with mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, sesame seeds and Parmesan.Potato Bianca: Sliced white potatoes, caramelized onions, goat cheese, honey, mozzarella, sesame seeds and pizza spices.Pizza Bella: Signature pizza sauce with aged prosciutto, Parmesan, garlic and mozzarella. Topped with lemon vinaigrette arugula and grate Parmesan."

Boston’s Pizza photo credit Sandy Casanova

Boston’s Pizza also offers drink pairing suggestions to enhance your delicious experience. For the Skinny Carnivore, order a Corona or Coronarita. The Potato Bianca goes perfect with RObert Mondavi Cardonnay. And the Pizza Bella tastes best with a Blackberry Mule. (We’ll get to the Blackberry Mule in just a minute!)

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The Potato Bianca — potatoes on a pizza? Yes. It’s the flavor you didn’t know you needed. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and deliciously crunchy in all the right places. Fan of a little spicy flavor? The Skinny Carnivore does the trick! But my favorite is definitely the Pizza Bella . It’s the ideal pizza of the year!

Now for the High West Double Rye Blackberry Mule…

"“Introducing the new High West Double Rye! Blackberry Mule — our take on the classic mule, with fresh blackberries, berry puree, and Q Ginger Beer featuring High West Double Rye! Whiskey.”"

Boston’s Pizza photo credit Sandy Casanova

It’s the most refreshing and fruity drink you’ll have all summer. But just like the pizzas, the Blackberry Mule is only around for the summer — so hurry to a Boston’s Pizza to try it out!

Is there a Boston’s Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar near you? There are over 20 locations across the nation, to find one close to you, check them out online to search!

Pizza and summer go hand in hand thanks to Boston’s Pizza! Which of the three additions sound like the one made just for you? The Pizza Bella, Potato Bianca, or the Skinny Carnivore?

Get them while you can! These pizza will only be available for a limited time. Be sure to share a photo on social media when you visit Boston’s PIzza with the hashtag #FanOfFlavor!