Free pizza – better head to Walmart to get your free slice


Yes, free pizza is coming and don’t wait to get a free slice. Walmart is re-launching its Marketside Pizza brand and customers can taste the difference.

Who can resist free pizza? Pizza is a favorite food for all ages. Whether it is just simple cheese pizza or a fully loaded slice with tons of toppings, pizza is always a great choice. Walmart wants its customers to try its re-launched Marketside Pizza.

To mark this re-launch, Walmart is will be giving away free pieces of pizza starting on June 6. This special pizza party will depend on the particular Walmart locations. A total of 2,500 stores will be hosting these parties.

Free pizza – better head to Walmart to get your free slice, photo provided by Walmart

While the exact dates and times may vary, the celebration will include free slices. While the promotion is limited to one slice per customer, it’s still a free slice of pizza. Plus, there is no purchase required to get a free slice.

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Walmart chose to re-launch its Marketplace Pizza as a response to its consumers. Previously, Walmart modified its pizza crust. While the company thought that the change would be good, consumers had different ideas. The re-launch has the company going back to the original crust that everyone loved.

Pizza crust can be a very divisive topic. Some people love thin, crisp pizza. Others prefer a thick, bready crust. Of course, the traditional middle of the road thickness is the most common. No matter the crust style that you prefer, it better taste great.

If the crust isn’t good on a pizza, the toppings can’t save it. Delicious sauce, fresh ingredients and gooey cheese can become a mess on a plate without a delicious pizza crust. No pizza company should overlook the importance of a delicious pizza crust.

It is great to see Walmart listening to its customers. Even though a company might think that change is good, customers can, and should, impact the food on store shelves. If the customer won’t by the product, the company should modify it. Walmart did just that.

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Are you ready for some free pizza? Head over to your local Walmart to grab your free slice today.