Taco Bell Nacho Fries return with Demolition Man pop-up


Nacho Fries return to Taco Bell this summer. Even more exciting is a Demolition Man pop-up gives fans a glimpse of a Taco Bell utopia.

The popular Nacho Fries come back to the Taco Bell menu. When this menu item launched earlier this year, the dish was hugely successful. Who would have thought that this menu item would have had such a cult following. Since the food had such a fan base, the fast food giant is partnering with a movie that also has a cult following, Demolition Man.

To celebrate the re-introduction of the Nacho Fries, the brand is celebrating another cult classic, Demolition Man. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the sci-fiction movie. In that classic movie, every restaurant was Taco Bell. It survived the Franchise Wars. For fans of the fast good giant, this 2032 prediction is the ultimate food fantasy.

Nacho Fries will be available for a limited time a la carte for $1.29 and also served Supreme for $2.49 or BellGrande for $3.49, topped with classic Taco Bell add-ons including beef, nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes and sour cream and also in a $5 box with Nacho Fries, a Doritos® Locos Taco, a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito and Medium Drink. (PRNewsfoto/Taco Bell Corp.)

As excitement builds for the July 12 re-launch, the brand has created a fake movie trailer, Web of Fries I,  for the menu item. The trailer plays off the movie and creates an interesting take on the future of food. Could the world be filled with Locos Tacos and nachos?

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For those lucky enough to be in San Diego from July 19-21 (yes, during that particular convention), there will be a futuristic Taco Bell pop-up. The upscale dining experience could be a glimpse of what just might happen in 2032, just like the movie. Then again, it could be what happens next year. You never know.

The brand loves these types of experiences. Periodically, they will offer a glimpse into the test kitchen. Some restaurants offer cocktails or alcoholic beverages. Overall, these experiences try to expand the brand beyond that late light taco craving.

Even if you don’t get to visit the special pop-up in San Diego. Everyone can join the Nacho Fries fun with the social media tag #NachoFries. The menu item is $1.29 or $2.49 for Supreme. Also, a meal is available.

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Will you be visiting July 12 to get your cult menu favorite? Would you want a totally Taco Bell future? Only time will tell.