Ridiculous Cakes returns with even more outlandish cakes


Ridiculous Cakes is returning to the Food Network. This season’s outlandish cakes will have viewers even more impressed.

Ridiculous Cakes, the Food Network show, has viewers mesmerized with the outlandish cakes that these amazing bakers create. In the previous season, the bakers created cakes that were so visually stunning that no one would want to cut into the cake. Who knew that art could be so tasty?

The second season of Ridiculous Cakes is set to premiere on Monday, July 9 on the Food Network. In the 30 minute episodes, viewers follow talented bakers as they create these masterful confectionary creations. These cakes aren’t just a layered, pretty cakes. They are more pieces of cake art.

For the new season, these talented bakers are really striving to push their creativity. While each cake designer is a talent artist, the clients may have some extreme requests. Of course, no one wants to disappoint a client. Still, the ability to achieve that perfect, almost ridiculous, cake is quite impressive.

The finished Turtle cake designed and made by Sugar Geek Show, as seen on Ridiculous Cakes, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

On the first two episodes of this season, the cake designers tackle some gravity defying tasks. For example, creating a Troll cake, based on the popular movie, isn’t quite as simple as it seems. To create that perfect Troll hair might have the cake artists pulling their own hair out.

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Also, on the evening’s second episode, the cake designers need to capture the idea of a turtle floating. Making 25 pounds of cake look like it is floating is almost an engineering marvel. While molecular gastronomy can make uni float, no amount of tricky can make this baking task a simple endeavor.

The cake that I am most interested in seeing is the Pinball cake. Apparently this cake can actually be played. This cake gives a whole new meaning to playing with your food. I wonder if anyone will eat the cake after playing with it?

Actually, the idea of these types of outlandish cakes is quite intriguing. Often people had huge, impressive cakes for weddings. Today, these cakes are part of any celebration. From a big birthday bash to celebrating Shark Week, creative cakes are a great way to convey a theme as well as make the celebration even more special. I wonder if there is any theme that these bakers can’t handle.

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Tune into the July 9th premiere of Ridiculous Cakes on Food Network at 10 P.M. EST. These outlandish cakes will be extremely impressive.