Are you brave enough to eat this unique ice cream?


Ice cream is a delicious summer treat. For National Ice Cream Month, The San Francisco Dungeon asks are you brave enough to eat this unique ice cream?

Ready to celebration National Ice Cream Month with a totally unique ice cream? The San Francisco Dungeon is challenging people to eat some imaginative ice cream flavors. At Miss Piggott’s pop-up parlor, brave guests can spin the “Wheel of Misfortune” to determine their creepy, crawly topping to get some free ice cream. Would you be brave enough to take a spin?

According to The San Francisco Dungeon, the dirty ice cream toppings could be “anything found crawling on the dungeon floor like insects, scorpions and worms.” While some people could find these toppings to be quite disturbing, is that challenge really anything so horrible?

Miss Piggott’s (Not-So) Nice Cream Pop-up Parlor , unique ice cream photo provided by The San Francisco Dungeon

Sure, Survivor and Fear Factor had the classic challenges where contestants have to eat bugs, worms and other non-typical foods. The reality is that insects, bugs and the like aren’t that unusual in other cultures. Walk through an Asian street market and these food options are all around.

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Even in the U.S. culture, non-traditional food sources are becoming more normal. Companies like

Chirps Chips

, chips made out of ground cricket flour, share shelf space with regular tortilla chips. Insects and bugs have good nutritional value. I gave Chirps to my kids and they didn’t taste a difference. The only comments came after they found out the chips were made with crickets.

Of course, this promotion makes for some entertaining pictures. It can be a badge of honor to eat of these frozen treats. But, is the stunt really mind over matter?

Truthfully, these creepy, crawly toppings don’t have tons of horrible flavor. Yes, the toppings would add a crunchy texture to the ice cream. But, I don’t think that worms are going to make that frozen treat taste horrible.

If you can wrap your head around having a crunchy topping on your ice cream, go for this challenge. All day on Friday, July 13 this special offer will be available at The San Francisco Dungeon.

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How badly do you want some free ice cream? Just remember, it is mind over matter. Plus, that Instagram photo will definitely impress your friends.