Totino’s Snack Bites: Mini-size, big satisfaction


Totino’s Snack Bites might be mini-sized but pack big pizza satisfaction. Who’s ready to get their snack on?

New Totino’s Snack Bites bring big, bold flavors to snack time. While Totino’s has been serving up delicious pizza for more than 50 years, this newest version of those delicious flavors are sized just for snack time. Who’s ready to satisfy snack time hunger?

Like many families, my kids come home famished after school. Something about a day filled with learning creates a huge hunger. With many after-school activities, the kids need food before heading out the door, again.

Finding a snack that they like, satisfies them and is convenient can be a challenge. As a mom, I don’t want to be a short order cook to everyone’s food whims. I want to have a snack that is easy, quick and a food that my kids want to eat. Luckily, the new Totino’s Snack Bites are my new after-school snack solution.

Totino’s Snack Bites, Combination, photo provided by Totino’s

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This snack-sized pizza roll is just like the classic Totino’s, just smaller in size. With its golden crust and big pizza flavor, it has everything that the kids crave when they are hungry. More importantly, these snack-sized pizza rolls can be made quickly. There is nothing worse than crabby, hungry kids after school. These snack bites can be cooked in a microwave in just minutes.

As a mom, I appreciate both the size of each individual snack as well as the amount in a box. With more than 90 bites in a box, I can keep my kids satisfied for a whole week. No mom wants to spend every day at the grocery store.

The new snack bites are available in two flavors, combination and pepperoni. Both classic flavors are popular with kids. In my house, my kids prefer the combination flavor because it has sausage. For some reason, everything is better is with sausage.

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As the school year starts, my freezer is stocked with several boxes of Totino’s Snack Bites. Now, my kids can curb their after-school hunger and get fueled for after-school activities. I’m ready for snack time. Are you?