Oprah says this frozen pizza is O, That’s Good!


If Oprah says that this frozen pizza has her stamp of approval, it might be your next Friday night pizza. Are you ready for O, That’s Good pizza?

Oprah wants everyone to enjoy pizza night. This new frozen pizza, part of her O, That’s Good line, will have families rethinking Friday night pizza night. Eating better doesn’t mean that pizza is a new forbidden food. Finding a nutritious twist on the family favorite food is the best alternative.

The new O, That’s Good frozen pizza has a big nutritional boost in the crust. This pizza’s crust is made with cauliflower. Substituting one third of the traditional crust with cauliflower adds a large amount of vegetables to the traditional dish without altering the flavor or the consistency.

Oprah says this frozen pizza is O, That’s Good!, photo provided by Kraft Heinz

Cauliflower crust pizza has become a huge trend. The key to this pizza crust is the ratio of cauliflower to actual dough. A completely cauliflower crust can be a little soggy and no one likes a soggy pizza. The right balance can create a crisp, tasty crust that has good nutritional benefits.

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Over the years, cauliflower has become a popular substitute in many recipes. From mashed potatoes to cauliflower rice, this vegetable works well because it doesn’t have a distinct flavor. The vegetable absorbs flavors from other ingredients. For example, mashed potatoes work well with cauliflower because it blends with the potatoes and seasonings.

This new O, That’s Good pizza, with its cauliflower crust is available in four flavors. The flavors are Pepperoni, Five Cheese, Supreme, and Fire Roasted Veggie. While it might not replace your cheat day deep dish pizza or the meat lovers extreme, it is a great choice for Friday night pizza. I would suggest substituting one of these Oprah approved pizzas one night and see how your family reacts.

The O, That’s Good pizza will be available at various retailers. It joins soups and side dishes that are currently available in the line.

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