Are you ready for Pizza Hut Game Plan?


The new Pizza Hut Game Plan is ready to kick off the NFL Season with a bang. Will your favorite NFL team bring you pizza glory?

The official pizza sponsor of the NFL is kicking off the season with a bang. Pizza Hut Game Plan will have football fans and pizza fans yearning for a winning season. Are you ready for some pizza and football?

Pizza and football go hand in hand. With the NFL/Pizza Hut partnership ready to go into full force, this football season should be quite exciting. From delicious options for the at-home tailgating to winning some epic prizes, football fans might have only one go-to pizza option.

The Pizza Hut Game Plan is a digital platform within the brand’s Hut Rewards. The program will offer fans the opportunity to win some amazing prizes throughout the season. Who doesn’t want to win, just like a favorite football team?

Pizza Hut NFL box, photo provided by Pizza Hut

Just in time for the first game, Pizza Hut will offer special packaging for the season. In addition to incorporating all 32 NFL team logos, the box offers AR compatibilities. With the box, people can play BeanBag Blitz, an AR version of cornhole.

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This offering shows another major brand entering the AR field. From AR menus to Tervis’ AR tumblers, these type of offerings keep fans engaged. No longer does the fun end when the pizza is gone. The box can turn into another form of brand engagement.

One interesting aspect to this season’s campaign is Pizza Hut’s attempt lure fans of competing pizza brands. Members of other loyal programs will receive a special offer when they join Hut Rewards. These new member will receive a free pizza when they order their first pizza.

Overall, this NFL/Pizza Hut partnership looks to be a successful one. It will be interesting to see how the partnership continues to evolve over the season.