Can augmented reality menus entice customers to order more?


Augmented reality menus could be coming to your favorite restaurant. Could this menu change cause you to order more food?

Restaurants want to be successful. Technology, like with the use of augmented reality menus, could be the next change to restaurant innovation. But, will seeing your food in this new way cause you to order more?

In today’s very competitive restaurant industry, brands are always looking for something to set themselves apart. Restaurant innovation can drive food trends, increased customers and buzz. In some cases, technology from other areas is crossing over to the food industry. One example is augmented reality menus.

Can augmented reality menus entice customers to order more? photo provided by Bareburger

The idea with this type of menu is for customers to eat with their eyes. With the use of the smart phone, the customer can see exactly how that juicy burger will be presented. The ability to share the juicy burger itself to the piles of condiments, this visual representation is fair more enticing that a flat pictures. Can’t you imagine how it tastes by seeing all aspects of this burger?

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Bareburger started using this technology as a promotion and got a great response from its fans. The idea of seeing how the burger could feel in your hands or how big of a bite it could be is quite exciting. Now instead of just an Instagram image to share, people could get the full experience of enjoying these burgers. What better way to bring customers into the restaurant?

In this social media driven world, food pictures are constantly shared. Even the most beautifully composed photo is just two dimensional. By making this type of menu more readily available, both customers and food fans can almost truly taste the burger. While they may not feel the ketchup running down their fingers, the augmented reality image could cause a person to crave one.

For a burger restaurant, like Bareburger, the augmented reality menu sets the brand apart from other burger restaurants. With so many options available, it can be hard to find a niche in the industry. Adding the technology aspect brings in customers for the experience.

In today’s busy restaurant world, the experience is as important as the food itself. Of course, the food is paramount. No restaurant can survive without delicious food, but the experience makes people come back. Just like good restaurant service, a restaurant needs all components to be successful.

It will be interesting to see how many restaurants will adapt these augmented reality menus. The technology is available. Similar to video games, people could start catching burgers instead of poke-balls. Maybe this visual will become the way to order the next take out.

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What do you think of augmented reality menus? Would you want to order food this way or do you want a traditional food description?